Pregnancy’s Third Trimester: BEST Parts of The Longest 12 Weeks

Back pain, heartburn, swollen…well, everything, and all the fatigue that comes with pregnancy’s third trimester can make you feel like you just want your baby in your arms and pregnancy to be over! I’ve had many days like that. My family will soon be complete with the addition of our fourth baby due in May! My pregnancy hasn’t been as easy as my previous ones, so it’s been difficult not to want to rush the process. With it being my last pregnancy, I’m trying to remain positive and remember all the rad things that come along with the third trimester…

Pregnancy's Third Trimester: Best Parts of the Longest 12 Weeks Ever

1. Guilt-free over indulgence.

I’ve been kicking it in bed with a sweet treat most nights. My idea of Netflix and Chill sometimes calls for little pack of fruit snacks and sometimes I’m on my second gigantic, heaping bowl of ice cream with frosted flakes on top. Don’t judge me!  Sometimes I add fruit…it’s fine.  But I don’t give care about gaining another pound because at this point, what’s one more pound? 

2. Bye-bye Iron & Ironing Board! 

Ironing my shirts have become a thing of the past thanks to my big baby bump.  This bump can instantly smooth the wrinkliest of shirts!       

                                                                                                         Pregnancy's Third Trimester: Best Parts of the Longest 12 Weeks Ever

3. Expectant Mothers parking spaces!

I never use these parking spaces in my first or second trimester because I always feel too guilty.  My luck I’ll be skipping on into Target while some poor woman is waddling in after parking 100 cars away from the entrance. But now that I’m in my third trimester and waddling like an injured duck, I OWN that parking space!

4. Strangers are much nicer.

 I’ve noticed people hold the door longer, ask me if I need assistance, smile, ask how I’m feeling and when the baby is due. 

5. Nesting is in full swing!

This is actually the first pregnancy that the nesting has hit me with time to spare before my due date and it’s been super productive. I normally get a smidgen of nesting a few days before giving birth.  I prayed that I would actually experience nesting during this pregnancy because there is so much to be done before baby #4 is here!                                                                                             Pregnancy's Third Trimester: Best Parts of the Longest 12 Weeks Ever

6. Having “pregnancy brain.” 

Pregnancy brain is very real and very frustrating, but people are way more understanding and forgiving because you’re VERY pregnant. I’m so forgetful and a certified ditz at this point. The other night I put my toddler to bed and couldn’t figure out why he was still up chatting and whining nearly an hour and half later. My oldest daughter came to tell me “goodnight” and mentioned that she thought she could see his bedroom light still on from under the door.  He sleeps in a crib, doesn’t get out…I left the poor baby’s light on. #pregnancybrain

7. Getting out of annoying chores.

A nice break from leaning over to scrub soap scum from the tub, washing our floors on my hands and knees, and sometimes I can get out of laundry duty. Older kiddos, it’s time for you to step up!  

8. People don’t want to see you carrying ANYTHING.

It’s like they think you’ll go into labor just by carrying a small bag of groceries! I’m taking full advantage of this! I haven’t even lifted a finger with all the Craig’s List purchases I’ve made recently. I send a text message to my husband with the pick-up location and my work here is done. Score.

9. My husband has become a dreamy caretaker.

I’m blessed with an attentive husband, but pregnancy’s third trimester husband is in pure overdrive.  It’s like what marriage dreams are made of. How are you feeling today? Does your back hurt? Have you eaten? I’m on my way home, do you want me to bring you something to drink? Did you sleep well? Do you want me to run you a bath? Have the kids been good for you? These are the daily questions in the third trimester. I won’t provide you with my answers because this post is meant to keep me focused on the positive side of the third trimester. 🙂                                                                                                                                                                                       Pregnancy's Third Trimester: Best Parts of the Longest 12 Weeks Ever

10. Pregnancy’s third trimester excitement.  

The excitement that you are just weeks, days, moments away from meeting another love of your life.  The exciting anticipation of adding another blessing to your family makes all the third trimester woes worth it!

Pregnancy's Third Trimester: Best Parts of the Longest 12 Weeks Ever

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