Fun and Creative Fall Treats Anyone Can Make– No Skill Required!

The weather is turning cooler and the leaves are changing colors! Fall is in full force and with it comes all kinds of fun events. I love making creative treats with my kids. I try to find things that everyone can do, from preschoolers to older kids. In this post you’ll find 3 treats that you can bring to celebrate your fall fun!

Applesauce Mummies

Fun Fall Treats for All Ages

These Halloween treats are perfect for all ages! They are also great for places where policy states treats cannot be homemade.


-White crepe paper
-Googly Eyes
-Applesauce packets

Steps to create:

1) Cut about 12-18 inches worth of crepe paper.
2) Cut crepe paper in half the long ways. (This will be enough to do 2 applesauce pouches.)
3) Tape one end of the crepe paper to the back of the pouch near the bottom.
4) Wrap the crepe paper around the pouch.
5) Add googly eyes.

Jack-O-Lantern Oranges

Fun Fall Treats for All Ages
This is another of my favorite fall treats to take to class parties! Not only does it meet the ‘no homemade treat’ requirements, but it’s also great for kids to take home if they fill up on other party treats!


-Mandarin orange cups with clear lids
-Sharpie marker

Steps to create:

1) Draw Jack-O-Lantern faces on the clear lids with a Sharpie marker

-Search Google for Jack-O-Lantern faces for inspiration!

Turkey Cookies

Fun Fall Treats for All Ages
I first saw these adorable fall treats when my daughter made them at preschool! They are now one of my favorites to make this time of year!


-Sugar Cookies (premade or homemade)
-Chocolate frosting
-Candy Corn
-Mini chocolate chips
-Butterscotch chips

Steps to create:

1) Frost the sugar cookies with chocolate frosting
2) Add candy corn to look like feathers
3) Create a face using two mini chocolate chips as eyes and a butterscotch chip as a beak.

Include your kiddos in making these and you’ll have these whipped up in no time!

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