Affordable Alternatives for Popular Mom Essentials

As you’re seeing prices go up with the crazy inflation and wanting to stay on trend with hot products, you may find yourself trying to decide… is it worth it to buy the name brand product? Or is the dupe actually nearly the same for much less? I’m here to share some popular products and their dupes, and recommend whether it’s worth it to splurge or save!

Footbed Slides

Splurge: Birkenstock Slides

Save: Sketchers Slides

This one was easy. The Sketchers slides are only $20 at Costco (with coupon blender coupon)! And the footbed is not cork, but a cushy foam, that doesn’t get stinky with wear! Win!! I live in these slides all summer (might even be rocking them with socks as the weather is cooling… gasp!). I hate that the cork footbed ones get stinky over time when your feet sweat (if you don’t have this problem, I am very jealous of your sweat less feet). Even if you don’t go with the Sketchers ones, there are so many Arizona slide dupes on Amazon (these have really good reviews) I personally don’t find it worth is to shell out the money for shoes that say Birkenstock on the buckle when many dupes are nearly identical and in some cases have some better features!

My Recommendation: Save!

Insulated Water Bottle

I rarely leave the house without my insulated water bottle. If I do, it’s because I forgot it or my hands we too full with things for my kids. I might regularly have at least 3 in rotation… one for upstairs, downstairs, and to go. In full transparency, I have not actually owned a Hydroflask bottle, but the Sam’s club option is just $20 for TWO bottles and both a straw and chug lid for each bottle! I own these and have used them all summer, keeping my water ice cold in the summer heat. Plus they come with a silicone sleeve for the bottom for extra grip and protection from bumps (one for each bottle!). You can get 4 of these for the price of one Hydroflask! They also have smaller 14oz ones so you can match with your mini!

Splurge: Hydroflask water bottle

Save: Hydraflow water bottle 2 pk

My Recommendation: Save!

Belt Bag

Splurge: Lululemon Everywhere Belt Bag

Save: Amazon dupe OR Reebok bag

I’m not sure how the Lululemon belt bag blew up as fast as it did, but it’s selling out within hours whenever restocked online. Craziness! I got one this past spring when I was finally able to start taking short trips without the full diaper bag. I have personally found that the Lululemon bag is just a little too small to fit my phone, wallet, keys, and few essentials.  For a while, I tried downsizing my wallet, but I got tired of shuffling my ID back and forth or having to remember to grab specific cards. (Seriously… when can we just carry our IDs on our phones in Iowa?!)

A few months after getting the lulu bag, I came across the Reebok bag at Walmart. I LOVE this bag! It’s bigger than the lulu bag and I love the vertical orientation. It fits my normal wallet, phone, keys, and essentials with room to spare. The adjustable strap is longer than the lulu bag, and it’s carabiner style, so easier to clip a hand sanitizer onto. I will even clip on a water bottle (hint: the Hydraflow one mentioned above) when we go to the park. It’s only $8 right now, but unfortunately only available in the blue color. I still ordered another one to have on hand!

I did some research on Amazon and found that there are many, many dupes out there that look identical aside from missing the lulu logo. This one really caught my eye (I have not purchased it, but am really tempted…). I love that it has two large pockets and the rear pocket. it also has a place where a carabiner can be attached (and comes with a carabiner). This would be awesome for attaching keys, hand sanitizer, or a water bottle! There are many neutral color options, and it’s less than half the price of the lulu bag.

My Recommendation: Save!

So there you have it…  3 hot mom accessories comparing the name brand to dupes. In these cases I’d recommend the dupes – not only are they cheaper, but I found that the dupes had features superior to the items they are copying. I’d love to know – what products have you found excellent dupes for? Are there products you’d like us to find great affordable alternatives for? Please share in the comments!

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