Nothing Else Matters If You Aren’t Teaching Your Child THIS.

Teaching your kids about truth isn’t what it used to be, is it? Growing up, I recognized and defined truth as facts. But now, popular media reporting is one glaring example of how people can see the same person or event with contrasting understandings.  This stems from the influence of family, society and life experiences that define what truth means to them.

When we break this down psychologically and socially, we understand that truth means different things to different people. Yes, even when looking at the exact same experience and facts.

Nothing Else Matters If You ARen't Teaching Your Child This

It’s that last definition in this image that really throws off our cultural understanding of truth.

What does this mean when you are trying to teach your child about truth? This can get tricky in a busy and technological world.  We can find the ideas, opinions, and influences of others with a simple touch of a screen. The best combination I find is conditioning your child towards your own belief system while guiding them to trust that infallible truth within us: our intuition.

Intuition is Very Real

I didn’t always listen to my intuition. I can tell you very specifically, the times my intuition was screaming out at me. Then ego and reasoning would step in and I’d ignore my intuition. Days or years later, I’d get the proof that my intuition was right all along. Sure I’d learned a lot by choosing unwisely, and I also learned that intuition is a very real and useful tool.

I Have Complete Responsibility and Power

Part of what I teach is the Law of Attraction. In simple terms, everything in our experience is attracted to us by the energy we vibrate. In scientific terms, like energy attracts like energy. I was drawn to it for the rational and scientific arguments that support it, but I decided to teach it because it saved my life.

You see, I was on a path of recreating generational patterns of playing the victim. I saw life as the events that were happening to me, giving me the excuse to wallow, fail and live a dissatisfied life. When I discovered the Law of Attraction, I discovered I actually have complete responsibility and power for the satisfaction I find in life.  No one or nothing has the power to keep me from that, except myself.

Three Truths To Guide You and Tap Into Your Child’s Intuition

1) What Feels Good and Bad?

The first step in harnessing this incredible gift of internal perception and energetic attraction is recognizing what feels good and what feels bad. We live in a world where we are told from childhood “Don’t be sad!” or “You shouldn’t feel that way.”

The number one way to teach your children to tap into their intuition is to validate their feelings. Validation can be simple phrases. “It’s ok to feel angry.” “I love you even when you are sad.” But also help them recognize joy! “Doesn’t it feel good to laugh?” and “It sounds like you had a great day.” From there, you can guide them through lessons as the natural consequences of life unfold.

2) Trust Those Spidey Senses

Guide them to recognize the bad feelings in their chest or stomach when they hurt someone or lie about something. “Did you feel bad in your tummy when you did that or right after? That was your body telling you that wasn’t your inner truth.”  Little life lessons in intuition come up again and again especially as my children explore their independence and lean harder into their peer relationships.

3) Release Responsibility

One of the hardest parts is sending your child out into the world.  They will be influenced  by other children and adults. Through our hard times, challenges and failures, we are given an opportunity to grow.  So trust that with your guidance, your child can find lessons in their path and purpose in their pain.

How many times have you wished you had trusted YOUR intuition?  I’ve got too many times to count!

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