Slime Time: 4 Easy DIY Slime Recipes

I tried to avoid slime like the plague. I refused to buy it premade or the necessary ingredients to make it. My daughter  labeled me the Not Fun Mom. Then something happened. I asked myself why I did not want to make it. The simple answer was I just did not want the mess. But my daughter is in fourth grade. She does the dishes, cleans up supper mess and does a good job. I figured if she already does those chores she can clean up her slime time mess. Right?


The look on my daughter’s face when I told her we were going to test slime recipes was priceless.

Over spring break, we tried to make four different types of slime. It was actually very fun. We used it as a science experiment. I bought a plastic table cloth to protect our table. Just doing that helped me feel at ease about the mess that was going to happen. I had found the recipes, but she actually already knew them off the top of her head. She read the recipes and had to figure out the right measurements with the measuring cups. She is just starting fractions in school but she did an awesome job measuring all the ingredients out.

The best part was she did not realize she was learning during the slime making process!

1. Model Magic Slime

The first recipe was from Buggy and Buddy. There was not an exact measurement for the contact solution. We also learned that too much lotion makes the slime hard. My daughter used 2 “squirts” of lotion and 2 “squirts” contact solution.  Be sure it is kneaded well before adding the modeling material.

Slime Time! Slime TIme!

2. Glitter Slime

Slime recipe number two was a flop. She wanted silver slime and chose an off-brand glitter glue. The recipe from KINDERCRAZE was easy to follow and only 3 ingredients. However, she couldn’t get it to come together. It was chunky and wet. She added more glue then 1/2 T of baking soda to see if that helped. My daughter said it was similar to “Alien Goop” than real Glitter Slime. She decided this recipe did not turn out because we used off-brand glitter glue.

3. Fluffy Slime (with water)

The Best Idea For Kids recipe was fun because it involved shaving cream! It was super sticky at first, but we learned if you coat your hands in just a little bit of baby oil it really keeps the slime from sticking to our hands. This recipe did not come together as it had in the past, but my daughter thought it is because there was water in this recipe. She stated she had never used water in a shaving cream recipe before. Another important piece is making sure your contact solution has boric acid and sodium borate. These ingredients help the slime activate to become fluffy.

4. We have a winner! Fluffy Slime (No Water)

Our last recipe from Doodle and Stitch was my daughter’s favorite. Everything came together just right. She knew if the slime was too sticky than you needed to add more contact solution. If the slime was too wet then more glue was needed. This recipe was similar to the The Best Idea For Kids recipe but there was not water in this recipe.  She wanted a lemon scented slime so we added a few drops of lemon essential oil and yellow food coloring.

I had so much fun taking notes and learning about slime with my daughter. She was pretending to be a scientist while making the slime recipes. It was interesting watching her decide which ingredients to add more if the slime was not turning out how she thought. She did clean up the mess after we were done without complaint. I have actually let her make slime many more times and she has cleaned up the mess perfectly. We do have one rule: Slime stays in the kitchen. It has been known to magically get mushed in bed spreads and in the carpet.

I was sad I didn’t do this sooner with my daughter. She is only little once and this was an opportunity I was glad to have with her. The giggles and conversations we had were priceless.

What are things that keep you from doing things with you kids?

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