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The information below was previously shared on our Instagram Stories by team member, Jordan Weems. Due to popular conversation, we found value in sharing this in a blog post.

“We had a trip with our toddler this past weekend and wanted to share a couple of travel toys and gadgets that we liked that worked well for us. So this one is like a little snack tray that has little containers in it that are like a game almost for the kids. So they press the button, they get their snack, and you can fill it with all sorts of snacks. Our daughter absolutely loved it just by pressing the button and getting her own independence to pick which snack she wanted. It was fantastic for the plane ride toys were used heavily on the plane, but then also when we were at restaurants while we were out of town.” – Jordan Weems

“So, this is a cutest matching game. My daughter is obsessed with dogs. So this is perfect to keep in the diaper bag. And super fun to be able to bring out at restaurants or again on the plane for her to have a little matching fun.” – Jordan Weems

“And then the last thing that we used a ton was this sticker coloring book. Clearly it’s been used but so there’s stickers on one side and then they can kind of color on different pages they also have scenes that she can kind of build her own. Yeah, I guess seen on so she absolutely loved this. So this was another great one!”  – Jordan Weems

“So, this is the slumber pod and we use it whenever we travel to put over her pack and play and it is fantastic your back and it’s fantastic for creating a really dark environment so pretty much makes it like like almost no light gets in and so it’s really easy to put into a suitcase to bring with so if your room sharing on your travels like in a hotel, it’s really great to put over the pack in place that they get a good sleep. She sleeps fantastic in it. So I would highly recommend!” – Jordan Weems

What are your favorite travel toys or gadets — especially with little ones?


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