Must Have Apps for Moms

For many of us, our smartphones are our constant companions!  These little gadgets possess the ability to either suck hours off of our lives (I’m looking at you Pinterest!) or make us more productive.  If you want the latter, then check out this list of must-have apps from real moms!

The best part? All of these apps are available for iOS or Android operating systems.  So, open up your app stores and clear some space on your phones for these lifesavers!  

Must Have Apps for Moms


Yes…It’s really called Mealime, not mealtime!!

Cost: Free (Can upgrade to a yearly subscription with added features)

Overview: No matter what stage of motherhood you are in, mealtime can be stressful.  This app allows you to create grocery lists, customizable meal plans and bring up recipes to make the process more streamlined and easy!  


Cost: Free

Overview: Scan receipts from participating retailers to earn cash back by shopping at stores like Target, Wal-Mart, Fareway, Costco, Hy-Vee and many more!


Cost: Free

Overview:  With all the things running through your mind, you need a place to write them down!  This highly-rated app creates lists and reminders to transform you into the most productive version of yourself.  Share lists and get notifications of to-dos you need to complete.  

Marco Polo

Cost: Free

Overview: Think ‘Facetime’ or ‘Skype’ with all the benefits of texting.  This app enables you to leave a video message for the other person to watch (or re-watch) whenever it is convenient for them.  Fun features such as voice changing and emojis make this app fun to use with friends and family of all ages.  


Cost: Free (Can upgrade to a yearly subscription with added features) 

Overview: With the tagline ‘Family Life, Simplified’, Cozi helps everyone get organized.  With a calendar, shopping lists, to-do lists and a recipe builder, Cozi will quickly become one of your most-used apps.  Another benefit? A journal feature that will help you remember (and share via email) all the good times you’ve had during the week. 

White Noise App 

Cost: Free

Overview: With 40 different white noise sounds to choose from this weight noise app will be a savior for you or your kiddos!  Pro tip: putting this app on and placing my phone near my daughter’s car seat helped me a ton during the newborn stage!  Love a variety of sounds? You can mix them and put them on a timer with this app!


Cost: Free (Can upgrade to a monthly subscription with added features)

Overview:  When you can’t keep tabs on everyone in your family, Life360 lets you know everyone is safe!  This app provides parents with real-time updates of family member’s locations and alerts you when members have left that location.  Have a teenage driver? Life360 has a feature that allows you to monitor driving statistics.  

Ovia Fertility & Cycle Tracker

Cost: Free

Overview:  Whether you are actively trying to get pregnant, or actively avoiding it,  this app is a must-have.  Switch Ovia into whichever mode you are needing and explore the features such as health trackers, graphs and a community to ask anonymous questions.  

Mint: Personal Finance & Money

Cost: Free

Overview: Answer the question ‘Where does all our money go?’ with this app that can help you monitor your spending.  By working with your bank accounts and credit cards, this app monitors your spending and set up budgets and even offers credit score monitoring!  

Any ‘must-have apps’ we missed?  Comment below with some of your favorites!

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