Five Legitimate Ways You Can Make Money From Home

Each month, my husband and I sit down and evaluate our budget. Groceries and gas might be high, or maybe entertainment and personal spending. Whatever it is, there’s only so much you can cut out each month to try and save some money. We’ve cut cable and use a streaming service, and we meal plan to save on food.

Want to know how else we avoid busting our budget? We’ve flipped the script and instead of asking ourselves how we can save more money, now we ask ourselves “how can we make more money from home?” Just by shifting our mindset, it has opened up a world of new opportunities!

While working from home certainly isn’t for everyone, I believe that many mamas wish they had more time with their kids. Finding that elusive work-family balance can be difficult! Because of that, here are the five best ways that I have personally had experience and success in earning money while I stay at home with my kids. I’m able to do most of this in just a couple of hours each week and it provides us with the means for me to stay at home.

Flipping The Script: bringing money home while working from home

Five Ways To Make Money From Home

1. Craigslist/Facebook Marketplace/Garage Sales

This is an easy way to make some quick cash while also decluttering your house! Whether it’s baby clothes or kids products, knick-knacks from around the house, furniture, or just about anything else, you can list it on these sale sites or save it all for a garage sale. Usually, I’m able to sell stuff quickly if I price it reasonably. I’ve even had luck purchasing a few things this way and “flipping” them, or reselling at a higher price. 

2. In-Home Daycare/Babysit:

I have three young kids of my own but I’m always happy to watch a few extra little ones throughout the week. We already have everything for kids ages five and under, so it’s easy to have some extra kids for the day!  When I’m watching another child, my own kids are happy too because they enjoy having a new playmate from time to time. I also know several individuals who run very successful in-home daycares by watching kids full-time, and they get to decide their own rate and schedule.

3. Join a team and sell a product:

We all see those posts on Facebook and Instagram. You know, the ones that start off all friendly then abruptly turn salesy.? Well, there’s a reason for those posts and while you might be quick to scroll on by them, know that there’s a person building a business behind them! Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) companies come in a variety of styles and no matter your interests, there might be one out there for you. There’s cosmetic lines, personal health and wellness programs, household items, jewelry companies and many more. MLMs aren’t for everyone, but for those interested, there’s definitely something for you!

4. Get crafty and utilize a special skill:

In a world where Amazon and instant gratification rule, it is easy to overlook your own skills and those of others. You could easily turn your hobby of crocheting or knitting, woodworking, painting, photography, and so much more into a lucrative business. Create an Etsy page or sell at local craft markets throughout the year. I love to crochet, so I crochet scarves that One Kid Outerwear sells to match their line of coats. While it takes time, it’s always worth the work because the right buyers will appreciate your hard work and skill!

5. Freelance writing and blogging:

If you don’t have a crafty skill, maybe you’re skilled with words. Bloggers, freelancers, and content creators make money through the content they develop with sponsored posts as well as affiliate marketing. So, when they promote a particular product and share a link, if you purchase something through those links, they earn a small commission from that sale with no extra expense to you. As more and more companies turn to social media to drive their advertising, they’re always looking for individuals who can produce meaningful content with beautiful pictures.

This list certainly isn’t all-inclusive, and you don’t have to do each one to make extra money. I know that many women often feel powerless and struggle to try to find legitimate work-from-home opportunities. What I love about these five things is there’s zero, or minimal, start-up costs, so what you put into it doesn’t outweigh what you could potentially earn. Just remember that none of these are get rich quick schemes, and they each take work. But if you’re like me, the time at home with your kids is always worth the hustle from home!

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