Easy Ways to Support Your Mom Friends

Mom Friends.  

They support us. They love us. They may have even talked us down when we weren’t sure this mom thing was for us. (Not speaking from experience or anything…)

It’s safe to say we love and appreciate our mom friends and probably don’t show it enough. While we would love to send them for a spa day or ship them a case of their favorite wine, time and money can stand in the way. Instead, here are three quick and easy ways to show your love for your mom BFFs that will mean so much to them!  

Easy Ways to Support Mom Friends

Text them when you are thinking about them.  

Our days are hectic. From the moment we wake up until the time we got to bed, we are constantly on the go with our mind jumping from one thing to the next. When you do think of one of you mom friends, send them a quick text! A “Hey, thinking of you today!” text always makes my day. Despite the craziness in her day, I really appreciate that a friend took the time to think of me.  

Snap a picture of your mom friends with their kids.

Pictures with my daughter are almost always selfies and even then she doesn’t always want to cooperate. It’s almost like magic when a friend of ours is behind the camera, she is much more willing to smile. If you can, snap a candid picture of them cuddling or chatting with their children, that’s even better. Just don’t forget to send them the picture afterwards!

Easy Ways to Support Mom Friends
Taken by a great mom friend!

Offer to watch their kids while they enjoy a night out

This takes a little more planning, but can mean so much!  Offering to take their kids for a night can make a night out possible. In my experience, you need to offer a time few times that will work. “I’d be happy to watch your kids sometime” doesn’t always turn into plans, but offering a specific night or weekend can get the ball rolling. Besides providing your mom friend with a little reprieve, your kids will be happy to have some friends over for the evening. It’s a win-win!

Hopefully, you are able to pick one or two of these ideas to show your support and thankfulness to your mom friends.  Small gestures like these will not only brighten her day but build your bond as you friends. We all know that getting through motherhood is much more bearable with supportive friends by your side!

What are some of your favorite ways to support your mom friends?

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