8 Gifts New Moms Really Want

I can’t believe that my baby is already fourteen weeks old. We’ve exited the newborn phase. Sleepless nights, constant feedings, crying, and general craziness seem so far away now that we’ve settled into a nice routine. Reflecting back on my time with her reminds me of all the amazing friends that visited us. Not to mention the wonderful gifts that they brought for both the baby and our 2-year-old.

It got me thinking about easy gifts that a new mama would love to have. Sure, outfits and things for the baby are nice, but the baby isn’t the one who took the brunt of labor. The mama is really the one who should get some gifts. Here are some easy ideas that any new mom would love to see you bring when you visit her and the new bundle of joy:

8 Gifts New Moms Really Want

1. Giant Water Bottle

All moms need to stay hydrated, but if the new mama is nursing, it’s essential. It can be hard to refill water glasses when your hands are full with a baby, so finding one large enough to not have to fill often is key. Here is my favorite. It’s huge (75 oz) and has a straw to avoid any spills, but really any tumbler or water bottle will do. 

2. Milk Saver

I discovered the milk saver with my second baby. It has been such an awesome thing for me as a nursing mom. You put the saver on your non nursing side and it collects any milk from leaking or letdown when you are nursing on the other side. In the beginning when my supply wasn’t regulated yet, I would save 2-3 oz each nursing session. I was able to start my freezer stash without even having to pump, which is a complete win-win. 

3. Nursing Pads & Milk Storage Bags

Again, if the new mom is nursing, these are key items that she’ll be using throughout her nursing journey. Nursing pads are crucial in the beginning when your supply isn’t regulated. Also, milk storage bags allow her to save any extra milk she starts collecting if she is going to go back to work. Both are items that you know you need as a nursing mom, but hate having to spend the money on. I would have loved to be gifted these and not have to worry about going out to buy them.

4. Insulated Coffee Mug

It’s nearly impossible to enjoy a warm cup of coffee with a newborn. Just when you pour a cup, the baby wakes up and needs to eat. Also, it’s incredibly hard to drink the coffee when you’re holding a baby. This is where an insulated coffee cup comes to the rescue. It keeps coffee warm for hours and prevents any major spills on the baby. My favorite cup is this one, but there are tons of options out there. Throw in a gift card to the mom’s favorite coffee shop and it makes a great gift! 

5. Meal or Gift Card to Carry-Out Restaurants

I didn’t have to worry about cooking or grocery shopping for a good month and a half! All because of the generosity of friends bringing meals or gift cards after the baby was born. We didn’t have to deal with the hassle of dragging a 2-year-old and newborn out in the cold to the grocery store. I wasn’t trying to cook meals in between hour long nursing sessions. Casseroles are easy to whip up and provide plenty of leftovers. If cooking isn’t your thing, a gift card to a restaurant that provides the option of carryout is just as appreciated!

6. Thank You Cards or Notecards

It may seem weird to give thank you notes as a gift, but I had to run out several times to buy new thank you cards. It would have been awesome to have a package ready to go. Of course when gifting this item, let the mama know she doesn’t have to write you a thank you!

7. Housekeeping

I would have loved the gift of a housecleaning session from a cleaning company. Having a 2-year-old and newborn to take care of plus recovering from a c-section, left little time or energy to clean bathrooms, the kitchen, or floors. Just a couple of cleaning sessions would have made me feel like I somewhat had my house together.

8. Target or Amazon Gift Card

Endless trips to Target or late night shopping sprees on Amazon go hand-in-hand with having a newborn. Any new mom would appreciate a gift card to either of the places to go towards diapers, wipes, or the newest baby item to make him or her sleep a little bit longer!

What would you add to this list?

As a new mom, would you like to be gifted with any of the above?

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  1. Elizabeth,
    You are right on! Our little one is a few weeks younger than yours, and I totally agree with your list. I haven’t tried a milk saver yet because I’m often pumping on one side to save for going back to work. You’ve described my needs perfectly! 🙂

    • The milk saver is awesome! I’ve told multiple people about it and everyone has loved it! Congrats on your new little one!

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