If Moms Ruled the World

Moms are seriously the jack of all trades. Can you imagine if moms ruled the world? A place where people ate their veggies, had time-outs if they were naughty, and were loved unconditionally, no matter what? A world of good manners, boundaries, respect, and compassion? Oh, and we’d have some of the best-smelling, story-telling, bun-wearing, coffee-drinking, well-dressed world leaders out there!

Having a world with mamas in charge would mean:

Less Violence

Moms are morally good people and don’t enjoy seeing people hurting. Moms have more patience, empathy, and will promptly give time-outs for violence. There’s no way a mom would walk away from an altercation without resolving it by reaching a suitable compromise. Whether it be a world war or a war of plastic army men, gentle-natured moms would bring the peace.

More Compassion

What mom doesn’t think their kid is the best? Having a mom running the world would mean more compliments, more love, and more compassion. Moms would give everyone reassurance and build our confidence up. We’d all get constant warm fuzzies, an influx of positivity, and daily hand-written notes in our lunch boxes. Thanks, mom!

Sad little child, boy, hugging his mother at home, isolated image, copy space. Family concept

Less Starvation

Moms go above and beyond to ensure their babies are satisfied – birds, bears, and mice are just a few animals that actually leave their children behind to source food for them. From breastfeeding to homemade meals, mama’s nourishment is always the best. And of course, everyone’s plates will be getting a helping or two of veggies and fruits, but we don’t have to like them, just try them.

More Structure

Now, moms are known to bend the rules every now and again, but they’re often much more firm on routine and boundaries than daddies. More rules sounds like a drag, but everyone would quickly learn about the consequences of breaking them – be it a time-out, lost privilege or a good talking to. Everyone would learn fast what was expected of them and wouldn’t dare ask for dessert – no if, ands, or buts!

Less Loneliness

With moms in charge, everyone would have a #1 fan. There’d be nobody left behind or without a friend to sit with a lunch. Mom leaders would listen, dish out advice, empathize, and offer solutions so nobody would ever feel the world is on their shoulders. Moms would help carry that burden and always be your pal.

Less Sass

There’s no way “I don’t wanna!” would fly in a world run by moms. Too bad, so sad, kiddo! Moms have run the gamut on the excuse game and have no time to throw you a pity party. There will be no talking back, no arguing, no whining, and no eye rolling, or it is lights out for you! If you feel like being sassy, you’ll enjoy a bar of soap in your mouth.

More Manners

A chorus of “please”, “thank you” and “excuse me” would flood the streets. Everyone would chew with their mouths closed, never interrupt, never pick their nose, and always wait in line without throwing a fuss.  Because everyone would have a strict bedtime, everyone would be less cranky and more attentive to the people around them.

More Security

Nothing makes people feel more secure than being held in the arms of their mothers. Whether you’re 3 or 33, moms always make everything better. In a mama’s world, moms would make boo boos feel better, scare away the monsters, and scoop everyone up and rock them when things got too hard.

We’d be more organized, less boring, more understanding, less judgmental, more balanced, less worrisome…the list goes on. Moms contribute positively in all ways. They’re truly super people.

I don’t know about you, but a world where moms ruled is certainly a place I’d want to live. We’d be a very lucky, well-fed, well-behaved, and well-loved group of people if mothers ruled the world.



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