Stop Stressing About School: Let Your Kids Be Kids

Stop Stressing About School: Let Your Kids Be KidsWhy are we making the idea of “homeschooling” such a priority right now?

Lately, there has been so much time and focus put into the idea that our responsibility now is to “homeschool” our children. My newsfeed is flooded with it.
Can I please ask a question?


Our country is in crisis, and we are all stressed and tired. Everything about COVID-19 is stressful. And if things get worse it’s going to bring even more stress. Not just for us adults but for our kids too. Our kids might be scared of things they’ve heard or seen on TV or things they’ve heard us talking about. Or just the fact that they don’t fully understand WHY they can’t be at school with their friends or even leave the house, but they know it’s something bad.

We don’t need to make it worse for anyone by stressing about school.

What we need to do is focus on connections and feelings of safety. Don’t spend your time worrying about having to TEACH them. Focus on LOVING them. Enjoy this extra time we have with our children and embrace the hugs and cuddles.
Do a puzzle. Build a castle with Legos. Read a book and then read another one. Look through a cookbook and bake. Watch a movie or TV together. Let them have extra screen time (and don’t feel guilty about it.) Write a letter. Let them stay in their pajamas all day. Color a picture. Let them play. Go outside when you can. Cook dinner together.
Talk to them about what they want to do. Have conversations with them. Give them a voice. Ask them how they are feeling. Be gentle with your little ones and with yourself.
Look at this as a chance for us to let our kids actually BE kids. Though this is a scary time, it could very well be a time they remember as one of the best times in their life because they are spending time with you.
Stop stressing about school. Just be their calm. Be their comfort. Be their parent, first & foremost.

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