Redefining Beauty for our Daughters

I thought I knew what beauty was before, but you both changed that for me.

My view and understanding of beauty has been redefined.

Redefining BeautyBeauty is no longer a superficial adjective that I throw around. The meaning of beauty has grown into something of substance; something that has grabbed my heart and intertwined it so tightly, that it will never leave me.

Beauty is in your boldness. I urge you to continue to stand up for what is right and fair. Always speak your mind. Never stop paving the way for others. Be bold in your faith. Learn what ignites a fire within you and then let your light shine for the world to see.

Beauty is in your strength. Continue to know your worth; don’t ever let that go. Every stage of your life will require more of you so believe in yourself. You can accomplish whatever you set your mind to.

Beauty is in your silliness. Never lose your humor. Continue to have a happy-go-lucky attitude that can turn any bad attitude into a positive one. People will come and go. You will have ups and downs, but your spirit of lightheadedness will keep your heart afloat. Something will grow from the experiences you have, and you’ll look back to see that it was you.

Beauty is in your confidence. Knowing who you are yet being willing to learn from mistakes and make changes. No one can impact your belief about yourself, without your consent. So, in those moments, remember your roots and allow the flower of confidence to flourish.

Beauty is in your independence. You can do it all, but never forget how important building strong relationships with others is. There will come a time when you’ll need someone to lean on. Be inspired by others, but always remain true to yourself.

Beauty is in your intelligence. You can change the world if you so choose. Take the time to invest in yourself and your mind. The direction you choose will determine your destination.

Beauty is in your bravery. Even when you’re scared, you persevere. You hold your head high and carry on. The tears may come and that is ok. Just get right back up. You will show the greatest bravery when you don’t always agree with yourself.

Beauty is in your honesty. There are moments when your honesty will hurt; moments when telling the truth is hard and uncomfortable. Continue to do so for there are others who are watching. Always be courageously you.

Beauty is in your humility. Remember to keep God first. All things will fall into place, even if it feels like you are drowning. He’s got you. Understanding that your imperfections make you human, will allow you to continue to grow and nurture a humble spirit this world so desperately needs.

My hope for you is that you’ll always be courageous and fierce. That you will be unapologetically authentic, in a world full of smoke and mirrors.

This world needs who you were created to be. So shine bright my loves.

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