Emily Patel

I’m Emily and I was previously a part of CR Moms before taking an “extended vacation” to Arizona for 3 years. Now, we are back where our hearts truly belong, in the best place to raise our family. I’m still doing mama life on coffee and donuts. But really, I need ALL the coffee since our second girl arrived. We have two daughters; an almost 5 year old and a just turned 2 year old and my husband and I have been married for 6 years. While being gone from the Midwest, and specifically Cedar Rapids, I came to realize the true gem our community is and how I wouldn’t do family life anywhere else.

Why the Midwest is the Best

It’s 32 degrees today, but a week ago it was -32 with the wind chill, so it seems odd I would think that the Midwest is the best place to live. But after moving...

Top 25 Advice to Younger Women from Women

Have you ever found yourself deep in thought, thinking back to your younger years and wishing you would have known what you know now? Your experience is what helps pave the way for the next...

Silverquicken : The Quest to your Middle Schooler’s Mind

Have you ever thought...what does my 10 year old really want to do? Here at Cedar Rapids Moms, we have the same thought, and have heard our community loud and clear when you asked -...

Redefining Beauty for our Daughters

I thought I knew what beauty was before, but you both changed that for me. My view and understanding of beauty has been redefined. Beauty is no longer a superficial adjective that I throw around. The...
Family Bowling

Let the Good Times Roll on National Bowling Day

What Time is it? It's Time to Bowl! This month boasts National Bowling Day this weekend on August 13th. Why not learn a few fun facts about the history of bowling before heading out to...
DIY Sensory Play

Simple DIY Sensory Play with Therapy Putty & Pony Beads

Sensory play is a vital tool for all children. You may have heard other parents, teachers, therapists, and doctors comment on the use of sensory play for certain children. However, I feel it's important...
New Mom on the Block

Ten Moves, Ten Years: The New Mom on the Block

Have you ever had to start over? You know, where you just feel like you’re getting settled in, and now you’re off to a new place to start all over again? Has this happened...
Life After Infertility

Even When IVF Works, The Shame and Guilt of Infertility Still Linger

Building a family looks different for everyone, but for my husband and me, we needed a helper. Where it all Began I was diagnosed with premature ovarian failure (POF), or early menopause, at the age of...

Baby and Me Yoga: The Benefits of a Motherhood Community

Being a first-time mom, I found myself struggling to get out of the house. I found every reason not to leave. "My daughter is too young still. She's too small; she could get sick." "I need...

A Mother’s Legacy: A Letter To the Mother-in-Law I Never Met

Mother's Day isn't the same without you. We celebrate motherhood and all the wonderful things about our mothers, but you aren't here to be a part of those. It has often made me sad...
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