Mirror Work, It’s Not Another Job

Let me start by saying, I have journal pages for days up in my brain of organized thoughts, kids’ schedules, meal plans, birthday gift ideas, and details of conversations from yesterday. These thoughts are constantly swirling around, and sometimes they talk back. “You got this girl!” But more often than not, those conversations head down a negative path and sound more like, “What were you thinking?”

Mom, Mom, Mom, Mom, hey Mom.

Now, let’s talk about all that chatter up in your head. All those thoughts per day can add up to 6,000 in some studies to as many as 70,000 thoughts per day. Not possible, you say?! Ask a mom to young children. Mom, Mom, Mom, Mom, hey Mom. It’s one-hundred percent believable, because our inner dialogue doesn’t take a vacation. Mine identifies as female and she’s been named Sunny. She is loud, proud, and in charge.

Tame inner dialog by using affirmations.

Next, we can all agree these extra thoughts are exhausting? It’s hard for adults to understand and imagine the impact of not knowing how to manage those thoughts as a child. There is a solution to help tame those dialogues with the use of affirmations. Grab a copy of Mirror Work by Louise Hay to start a 21-day journey to help you and your children live happier and healthier. Hay will teach you the power of affirmations in front of the mirror.

mirror workMirror Work – I don’t need another job.

When I first heard of Mirror Work, I thought, “I don’t need another job.” How can the concept of looking in the mirror and talking to yourself make you feel better, be more confident, and live happier? Even with great hesitation, I needed to know more. So I ordered myself a copy.

I am open and receptive.

Cheering for others, building them up, and celebrating their successes is easy, but doing that for myself, well, it’s work. I learned a few pages into Mirror Work I can respond to doubting thoughts simply by saying to myself, “I am open and receptive.” I can work with being open and receptive. The need to get it right subsided, and the willingness to try improved. My confidence had increased and I had yet to face the mirror.

Using affirmations is empowering.

Louise Hay also openly tells her readers you will feel silly or stupid, and the front-facing conversations with the mirror may make you feel angry or even cry at times. (I can attest to all of the above.) All these emotions lead to healing and profound self-love. In time, it is worth the consistent mirror work. I found using affirmations daily to be empowering. I also learned it’s not hard at all, and it’s not another job. It’s a gift to have warming, loving thoughts about yourself.

Try the following prompts below to get started.

  1. Make eye contact in the mirror, say your name, and smile.

  2. Celebrate your wins for the day, big or small.

  3. I am _________. Use an identity power word or statement.

  4. Say, “I Love You.”

  5. Breathe in and exhale, acknowledging this gift of love.

Mom Example: Jill, I am so proud of how you parented today. You made meatloaf dinner like a boss. You also recognized you were getting tired and got ready for bed earlier than usual. I Am Magnetic, Authentic, and Capable. Everything I do is with ease. I love you!

Child Example: Maddie, you worked so hard today at school, getting your homework done early and finishing your chores right after school. You were kind when you played with the new kid at school, because you remembered how it felt being new last year. I Am a good friend. I love you!

Make it work for you.

Louise Hay’s book offers different prompts for each of the 21 days. If you can’t commit to the book’s 21 day journey or adding one more thing to your to-do list makes you check out entirely, then try a version of the prompts above and make it work for you. Replace those negative thoughts that aren’t serving you with positive life affirming thoughts.

Moms, are you willing to try Mirror Work?

Be open and receptive like me. Say yes in the comments, and tell me what you have named your inner personality. Sunny will be glad to hear she is not alone!

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