Educational Inspiration in Social Media Accounts

I’ll admit that my phone is a crutch. Sometimes, I hardly pick it up; other times I find myself lost in social media and neglecting my house and family. Recently, I’ve been more conscious of my time spent on my phone, loving the new Iphone screen time feature, and getting rid of apps and social media accounts that don’t really add anything to my life.

That said, I still find a lot of value in some accounts, specifically those that provide ideas for educational activities I can do in my house with my toddler. I know these will come in very handy in the coming months.

Here are a few my favorite educational social media accounts:

Days with Grey

A mom of 3 who shares awesome activities and other inspiring accounts. Make sure to check out her stories on Instagram for quick and easy activities to keep the little ones busy while you’re in the kitchen or need a five-minute break. She calls them Breakfast Invitations.

Imagination Tree

This mom of four and early childhood educator has great ideas for babies up to school aged kids. Most of her tutorials are on her website, but you can browse her social media accounts to get your inspiration going. She has great seasonal inspiration too!

Little Pine Learners

Calling all my fellow nature lovers! Check this account out if your child loves digging for earthworms and getting dirty. Tara shares great outdoor activities for kids that are nature inspired. Some of them can be brought inside, but are still nature based.

Busy Toddler

Susie posts easy activities for toddlers. You can check her website out to find activities by play or learning category. Plus, she’s also behind the “Proof of Mom” movement, which is basically not being afraid to ask strangers for pictures of you and your kiddos when out and about on your own. Love!

Playing with Chanel

This is another occupational therapist who shares simple activities to do with your baby and toddler. One of my favorites is an obstacle course made of couch cushions (don’t tell me your kids have never done this!) but additionally placing puzzle pieces on one end and they have to make the puzzle on the other. Genius!

New Trick Kids

This mom shares awesome activities for babies up to preschoolers and divides them by type. She has great pictures and easy to follow instructions. Most are done with inexpensive materials you already have on hand.

Montessori From the Heart

Anya shares some great homeschooling activities. I love the theme weeks like dinosaurs, STEM, messy play, and sensory play. There is definitely something for everyone!

Finally, if you’re looking for gift inspiration, Toy Ideas (a pediatric OT that gives educational toy ideas and reviews) and Happily Ever Elephants (book reviews from baby to tweens) are great sources!

What educational social media accounts do you love?

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