Movie Night In: A Bug’s Life Edition

Okay, I admit it…I have a bit of a problem. I love themes…. If given the opportunity I will theme anything, I have been dubbed the ‘Theme Queen’ at my place of work. So when I was trying to find a way to entertain my toddler on a rainy Friday night, I decided on a cozy movie night…. but of course, me being me, I decided to themify it!

The first thing I did was make a list of movies I knew my son would enjoy. I got a cute glass jar from the dollar store along with a pack of 50 popsicle sticks and wrote the names of the movies. Then, I made a document on my computer that had theme ideas for each movie in the jar so that I had a plan for whatever we chose!

a bugs lifeThis week’s movie pick was: A Bug’s Life

The Menu:

Butterfly Wing Pasta (Bowtie Pasta & Sauce)

Rollie Pollie Bugs (Meatballs)

Bug Juice (Apple Juice with bug gummys)

Worms & Dirt (Chocolate Pudding w/crushed Oreos & gummy worms)

a bugs life

The Activities:

Giant Bug Coloring Sheets

Butterfly Suncatcher Painting Kit (From Walmart craft section)

We ate dinner, talked about bugs and did our crafts, and then ate dessert while we watched our movie. My little guy LOVED it and I am really excited to try our next one! The great thing about this was that it was super simple but felt SO exciting to him. You can make the theme your own and use things you have lying around your house (we definitely already had a bunch of plastic bugs to decorate with!).  Here is a picture of us while watching the movie, covered in chocolate pudding!

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