Getting My Twins to SLEEP!! {My Experience with Sweet Slumber}

Once upon a time, in the fog of newborn twins, I wasn’t sure how I would get through another day. We had plenty of nights with four hour stretches of sleep; but for the 3rd night in a row, I had seen every hour of the clock from 11:00 p.m.-6:00 a.m. With two 3 month old babies waking constantly, my husband and I were exhausted and desperate. It seemed the twins were getting worse at learning how to sleep as time went on, instead of getting better! There were tears, people. Lots.

*Enter Meredith Brough with Sweet Slumber. Cue the Hallelujah Chorus!!*

What (and who) is Sweet Slumber

Meredith is the sweet mom behind Sweet Slumber. She is a mother of 5 and knows what it’s like to be tired ALL. THE. TIME. with babies who aren’t sleeping well. After implementing parts of her program for her own children, she was able to get her babies (and lots of her friends’ babies) to sleep through the night. What a gift to restfully enjoy those newborn days and nights!

In the Sweet Slumber program, parents work with Meredith in her home or in theirs to gently help their babies learn how to sleep. She works with you specifically on the goals you have for your family (creating a schedule throughout the day, getting baby to sleep through the night, not having to nurse baby to sleep each time, etc.).

Helping baby sleep with Sweet SlumberWhat Sweet Slumber IS NOT

This program does NOT use a “cry it out” (CIO) method. Rather, this program helps create a realistic routine to get your baby’s metabolic clock on a predictable schedule. Following the guidance through Meredith’s Sweet Slumber program helps your child fall asleep independently, without depending upon being fed or nursed to sleep before every nap or bedtime.

My Experience with Sweet Slumber

When I was introduced to Meredith and Sweet Slumber, we immediately set up our “Initial Consultation” with my whole family. This meeting was so that Meredith could get to know us and learn what our goals were. She came to our home, held our babies, played with our toddler, and chatted with my husband and I.

Our goals included:

  • Create some sort of routine with the twins during the day (we had NONE).
  • Get the babies to stop needing to be nursed to sleep.
  • Get the twins to sleep longer during the night.

After just one hour, we felt so comfortable with Meredith and so excited to give this a try!

We experienced the “Home Sweet Home” program, where Meredith came to our house during the week to observe, assist, and start implementing her program with the babies. The first day was mostly Meredith observing and helping with our current routines.

The second day we started fully implementing Meredith’s strategies with the babies. My husband came home from work and said that I was a different person! I really felt like such a weight was lifted off of my shoulders from having a successful routine with happy, rested babies. After this ONE DAY, the twins only woke up once in the night!

How I got my twins to sleep with Sweet SlumberThe third day ended up being our final day because everything was going so well. We were all learning quickly and didn’t even need our last two days of the program!

After following this Sweet Slumber program for just 6 days, my son Jac slept through the night for the first time! After two weeks, my daughter Lyla slept through the night for her first time! Both babies also fall asleep on their own, without needing to be nursed to sleep. I was afraid I’d never sleep again with twins, but it IS possible and I’m so thankful for this experience!

In addition to the in-person guidance we received throughout the week, Meredith is also available for questions or support after the program is over! This benefit is priceless. I texted her out of excitement when each baby slept through the night for the first time, and I also texted her with desperate questions when one was regressing. She still checks in periodically to see how the babies are doing or to see if there is anything she can help with!

How You Can Benefit from Sweet Slumber

Baby not sleeping well? You could benefit from Sweet Slumber!! Meredith offers several options to fit your budget and family’s needs, including half and full day consultations, as well as services provided in your home or hers! 

Interested in more information? Check out these FAQ’s and Contact Sweet Slumber today!! 

Connect with Sweet Slumber

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  1. Kaitlin, thanks for the honor of working with you and the twins! It was a joyful experience. Your babies did great and I am so happy for you! I am excited that you get to enjoy this precious first year and so many more happy, healthy years without feeling exhausted and worn down. This is the way to go! : )

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