Cookin’ with Kids: Banana Bread + Free Learning Printable

February 23rd is National Banana Bread Day! It isn’t surprising I know that, that given my obsession with the National Day Calendar. Banana bread is one of the most popular types of bread in my opinion. Even Daniel Tiger makes banana bread. Ever since that episode, my daughter has wanted to make banana bread because “making something is one way to say, I love you.”

Cookin' with Kids: Banana Bread

Dig out those bruised and browned bananas from your kids’ lunch boxes or backpacks and make some banana bread! The riper the banana, the better. If you live with monkeys like I do, the only kind of bananas we have are fresh, and those work just as well.

[ultimate-recipe id=”19511″ template=”default”]

Click here for your free printable banana bread recipe + learning labels!

Tips for older kids:

Print out the recipe above (and labels that are in the file). Take out ALL the ingredients before starting to bake. Label each of the ingredients with the printable. Then, as you ask for ingredients have the kids read the labels and match to the recipe directions. Also ask them to help with the fractions. Give them a 1/2 cup and ask how many times they need to scoop to get 2 cups of flour.

Tips for younger kids:

Take out all the ingredients first and read the recipe to them. Ask them to point out each item. Let them mix the dry ingredients together, and just be prepared with the broom in hand. My daughter also loves the job of watching to see when the light turns off on the oven (when it’s preheated) and will tell me it is time to put the bread in. We also designate a spot in our kitchen that is her “oven spot.” When I open the oven, she runs to her spot. We picked a spot where she can safely see in to the oven, but is far enough away that her curiosity of getting too close is satisfied.

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