Bringing Back the Era of Great Food with 99 Counties {SPONSORED POST}

We think it’s time to bring back the era of great food, good memories, and family dinner around the kitchen table – and we’ve partnered with 99 Counties to do just that! 99 Counties is our trusted Iowa meat farm connecting local consumers to local regenerative farmers. They work with local farmers practicing regenerative agriculture to offer the highest quality, best tasting, and most nutrient-dense food available.

great food

Somewhere in our timeline, we went from our kids playing outside all day, sweaty and soiled from soaking up the great outdoors – eating food made from scratch in our family kitchens, to demonizing dirt, and eating prepared food from boxes reheated in the microwave.

We’ve sacrificed health for convenience food – are we really healthier and happier? What are our kids really eating? Does it enrich them or deplete them?

It’s time we go back to supporting the small farmers that surround Cedar Rapids, and build a strong community that can support and feed us through good and tough times. Let’s get into how 99 Counties helps provide solutions to our concerns about food:

How long has 99 Counties been around?

Chief Farmer Nick Wallace has been farming without chemicals and raising food for families for almost 20 years.  Wallace Farms his original business until he crafted a new vision for his farm, the many farms he wanted to work with, and vision for a better and healthier Iowa. Enter 99 Counties!

great food

How did the name ’99 Counties’ come about?

Their name honors the farming communities found in all 99 counties that make up the great state of Iowa.

Why is regenerative farming better for our planet and health?

Not only does regenerative agriculture improve the health of soil, but it can rebuild communities, improve human health, restore environmental health, combat climate change and bring back biodiversity to the land by empowering consumers and farmers to connect more directly regarding their mutual relationship.

Plus, healthier animals make for healthier food which makes for healthier people. It’s that simple. You can taste the difference between local, pasture raised meat and conventional.

How many farmers actually grow and raise the food?

There are 26 like-minded farmers and 6 processors in Iowa and Minnesota. Most have a personal connection to co-founder and Chief Farmer, Nick Wallace, or one of our local Farm Ambassadors (farmers from whom they also procure food products). Beyond sourcing, 99 Counties pride ourselves on providing our farmers value-added partnership, including full-service support from animal transportation, processing coordination, marketing, etc.

How is the meat processed?

Whole animals are hand-cut by butchers at small-scale processing facilities. All meat is vacuum-sealed and flash-frozen immediately for maximum quality. Any products that are seasoned, cured, or smoked are done so using organic ingredients and natural techniques.

Are the animals raised on pasture treated with synthetic herbicides, pesticides, or nitrogen fertilizers?

99 Counties beef is pasture raised (100% grass-fed and finished) with no prolonged confinement. The pork and poultry are unconfined and guaranteed continuous outdoor access. Their farmers protect and promote living soils by avoiding synthetic herbicides, pesticides, and nitrogen fertilizers. All meat is 100% chemical-free.

Where does 99 Counties deliver food to?

99 Counties delivers to physical addresses within 100 miles of their Keystone, IA headquarters and 60 miles of their Naperville, IL warehouse. They use their own drivers and hand deliver them to your door – just like the old school milkman! You won’t be stuck with all the insulated packaging, big cardboard boxes and all the annoying delivery fees.  All orders over $75 are free and you can save even more with a yearly membership.

great food

Is membership required to purchase? How do I join?

You don’t have to be a member to purchase – think of it like a better-for-you Amazon membership. There are currently 1,000 members! 99 Counties is building a reliable food supply for our communities. Want to enjoy 20% off? Join as a member.

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