Everything You Need for DIY Gel Nail Manicures

I love having my nails done, but going to the salon is expensive and time-consuming. As a busy mom, I rarely have the time to sit in a salon chair for an hour. The worst feeling is when I immediately chip my manicure, and then the money and time I spent getting it done was wasted!

A few years ago, I invested in a DIY kit for gel manis and have gotten addicted to doing them myself! I promise it’s not as scary or as difficult as you might think. The more I do my own, the less time it takes me. Now that I have gotten good at doing my gel manis, friends and family frequently ask me to do theirs for them! When people find out I do my nails, they always ask me what they need to start their kit. Here are my recommendations for creating your DIY nail kit from a self-taught nail girly!

  1. An LED Nail Light.


This is the one I have. It has a motion sensor and a timer, and it comes apart for easy cleaning.
2. A High-Quality Top Coat and Base Coat.


These are more expensive than others, but I like these from Gelish because they are thick and shiny. They are good quality, so they help my mani last longer. For other options, check out the brand’s Beetles or Modelones.
3. Fine Grit Nail Files


Remember, always file in the same direction (as opposed to back and forth) to avoid fraying the tips of your nails. This will keep them from breaking easily!
4. Alcohol Pads


I use these to clean my nails and remove any oils before polishing. One box will last you forever!
5. Fun Gel Polish Colors
I love this brand, and the set is an excellent value because you get a ton of colors. If you get the 20-polish set, it comes with its own top coat, base coat, and matte top coat.
6. Cuticle Oil


This one smells amazing, and using cuticle oil helps hydrate your skin and keep it healthy.
8. Acetone to soak the polish off when ready for a color change!

nails I like to pour 100% acetone into a bowl and then soak the polish off one hand at a time so that I can use my other hand to scroll on my phone!

9. This Storage Container


I put my light and accessories on the top and polish bottles on the bottom. This container keeps things organized and makes for easy travel.

Remember, practice makes perfect. The fun part of doing my nails is that I can try new and fun styles and colors. Then, if I don’t like it, I don’t feel it’s a waste to change them. Altogether, this kit comes out to about 2 or 3 trips to the salon, tops! Plus, it provides a much deserved self care pamper session! There are helpful videos on YouTube to teach you different application techniques. I listed some of my favorite accounts below:




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