Celebrate the Season at the Old World Christmas Market

Looking for a fun event for your family? There’s something for everyone at Cedar Rapids’ own Old World Christmas Market!

Old World Market


Visitors can shop for unique products and enjoy this one of a kind shopping experience while enjoying delicious food and beverages and listening to holiday music.


Take a horse and wagon ride through Czech Village on Saturday and delight in entertainment from local performers. Find out if you get candy or potatoes this year when you meet Svatý Mikuláš, Čert a Anděl  (St. Nicholas, the devil, and angel).

Free Museum Admission.

With free admission to the museum exhibition galleries, see our newest exhibit, Medieval to Metal: The Art and Evolution of the GUITAR and take part in traditional crafts and activities.

Old World Market

Old World Christmas Market is a holiday tradition brought to Cedar Rapids by the National Czech & Slovak Museum & Library that has allowed people of all ages to celebrate together and create memories for a decade.

Join us Saturday, December 7th and Sunday, December 8th from 10:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. for this year’s Old World Christmas Market!

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