National Hairstylist Appreciation Day

I’m a single mom, so between raising a tiny human and a budget, self-care isn’t as elaborate for me as for some. But every six weeks when my scheduled hair appointment rolls around I feel like I’m treating myself to a long weekend vacay in Las Vegas. So April 25th- National Hairstylist Appreciation Day is a day I love to celebrate. 

National Hairstylist Appreciation Day

Recognize your hairstylist.

I can’t curl my hair, and I can barely manage a traditional braid on my four-year-old. But my hairstylist can. I can walk in a mess; with 3 days of unwashed hair tied in a messy knot and be welcomed with no judgment. I might not keep up with plucking my eyebrows in between my waxes, nor know how to fill them in myself. But my hairstylist can fix that. 

A listening ear

Even before my hairstylist was someone I considered a good friend, she always seemed like she was. I could show up frazzled and she was there to listen to any, and let’s be honest, all problems in my life. I could vent half of my hair appointment, barely taking a breath between switching topics; and she was always there to listen. She never seemed annoyed and never rolled her eyes; she heard me and gave advice.

Confidence boost

I don’t know about you; but after getting a fresh color, cut, wax, and style I feel like I am ready to take on anything. Watch out world, I’m feeling myself! I have my hairstylist to thank for that. She hypes me up during my appointment, even if I impulsively decide to go from blonde to a very deep brown. She styles my hair in a way that accentuates my facial features, and has me loving my reflection. I never leave an appointment without her gushing about how this color or cut looks on me, ultimately supercharging my confidence.

National Hairstylist Appreciation

Morale boost.

When I treat myself to getting my hair done, my mentality brightens. I get to sit in a salon chair for a few hours that are all about me. I am always offered a beverage, and yes my go-to is usually a cup of wine! I get that giddy feeling from high school of getting ready for a school dance or something similar with a group of my girlfriends. The immediate mood booster is almost enough to make me want to get my hair done more often! 

Respect your hairstylist.

As much fun as it is to get your hair done, don’t get too caught up in the hype that you forget you are getting a service done. Your hairstylist went to college, and earned a degree. They acquired student debt and put in the hours to learn and practice. Because of all that they get to do your hair to the best of their ability. Hairstylists are constantly evolving to keep up with the latest trends to appease their clients. Your hairstylist built their clientele to make a living. They deserve your support and your respect.

Thank a hairstylist.

Whether you have a go-to girl as I do, or you rotate through salons, thank your hairstylist. Whether they spent hours over a course of months in appointments to get your perfect platinum blonde, or they always come through on your favorite shade of auburn, thank your hairstylist. If they squeezed you in on a last-minute late-night appointment because you had a social event pop up you needed your hair done for, thank your hairstylist.

Hairstylists are often overlooked, and even though they will never ask for it, they deserve a thank you.

So thank you to all of the hairstylists out there.

Thank you to the ones who are real and honest about the money and process it will realistically take to dramatically change your hair color. Thank you to the hairstylists who work their magic and pull off a new look. Thank you to the hairstylists who make children feel comfortable, and work their voodoo to get them to sit through a hair cut. Thank you to the hairstylist who works long hours, 6 days a week, to have appointment times outside of a typical work-day to get all of their clients in. Thank you to the hairstylists who perfect an up-do for the girls going to prom, or the brides on their wedding day.

Thank you for being a hairstylist.

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