25 Truths of Being Pregnant When You Have a Toddler

If you’ve been pregnant with a toddler, you probably can relate to most, if not all of these. If you haven’t, but are thinking about it…heads up.

25 Truths of Being Pregnant When You Have a Toddler 1


  1. Your toddler probably finds your morning sickness hilarious. However, you will not.
  2. If your toddler isn’t a picky eater already, they may become one. You know the only things that sound good to you? Those same things are the only things you will want to prepare for them. Baked potatoes, crackers, and toast anyone?
  3. If you thought changing a poopy diaper was gross before, it goes to a WHOLE NEW LEVEL when you add morning sickness and super human smelling skills to the mix.
  4. You’ll look at your toddler more than once just to remind yourself that you’ve done this before, you can do it again.
  5. Don’t say anything to them about baby until you want to announce your pregnancy. If not, they’ll be happy to share your secret with anyone that will listen. “Baby!” “Mommy!” “Belly!” They’ll get their point across faster than you ever could!
  6. You will feel like a bad mom for turning on a movie or telling them to play alone so mommy can rest, but you’re not. You’re growing a human, remember?
  7. Your toddler will probably be cleaner than ever before, mainly because you can’t stand the weird smells that come along with toddlerhood. To combat this, you’ll constantly be washing their hands, face, clothes, blankets, etc., just so you don’t have to feel nauseous around them.
  8. Your toddler will suddenly start acting in their role of older brother/sister. They’ll be a little more caring and notice your needs. Soon, you’ll see they’re ready for this new adventure.

25 Truths of Being Pregnant When You Have a Toddler


  1. Make way for super mom. Healthy lunches, trips to the park, and high energy play time. Thank you, second trimester energy, for finally showing up!
  2. Your toddler will probably make some comment about you being “big” or “BELLY” when they see your growing tummy. Take it as a compliment, or it’s going to be a looooong six more months.
  3. Hearing them talk about “baby” or “brother” or “sister” will just about kill you.
  4. You hand them the ultrasound to show them their sibling, see their eyes light up, and then watch them crumple up that precious picture and hand it back to you.
  5. You’re hungry as usual. You sneak into the kitchen to grab a snack. Guess who is right behind you asking for a “nack” too? Yep. Your 24/7 shadow that doesn’t understand why they don’t need one too.
  6. Your toddler might get interested in potty training if they aren’t already—seeing mommy run to the bathroom a billion times a day makes them a little curious about what you’re running off to do and they want in on the fun!
  7. By this point, they’re so used to your monthly doctor appointments, they probably just wave bye when you leave instead of throwing a fit.
  8. Your doctor has probably said to be careful with lifting things over 20 lbs. Yeah, have your doctor tell your toddler you can no longer hold them and pick them up. Or have them come scrape them off the floor during a public meltdown.

25 Truths of Being Pregnant When You Have a Toddler


  1. You’ll have to deal with sibling rivalry before they even meet. If you ever want to feel your baby give a nice big kick, put your toddler on your lap. Babies in utero don’t like their space being invaded.
  2. Your belly makes a nice pillow. Or seat. Or punching bag. Or trampoline. Watch out for those last two.
  3. You’ll hear yourself say “Watch out for your baby sister/brother!” before they are even on the outside.
  4. Changing diapers becomes a dangerous task, beware of flailing legs that might whack your belly. Also, good luck standing back up after squatting down!
  5. Putting your toddler to bed in a crib…ha. Just try and get that belly to clear the railing. Master the “hang them over as far as you can and gently drop them” maneuver.
  6. Your toddler will suddenly want to be your baby again as they see all the baby items reappearing around the house. Yes, it’s cute, but also really frustrating at times to have them regress.
  7. Be prepared for lots of bratty answers to “Are you excited to meet baby sister/brother?” for every cute answer you get. Usually the answer is “no!” in my house. But then again, that’s the answer to everything.
  8. You realize that maybe you’re a bit crazy for thinking that your toddler is ready for little sibling. Okay, really it’s you who is panicking and not feeling ready.
  9. You can do this, you already are! You have a baby and toddler already! You’ve managed through almost nine (really ten) months already, you’ll just keep learning throughout the rest of their lives! You got this mama!!

Moms who’ve done this before, what would you add to this list?

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