My Mom Approved Wardrobe Staples

It will start this out by saying… I would not describe myself as a fashionista. I try to keep up with the trends, but it takes me a while to warm up to them. I’m still rocking skinny jeans… working on mom jeans, but not 100% there yet (why do I feel like they look so weird on me?). Not happy about the return of flares… as my 6′ self still had PTSD from the high water pants I wore in middle school, before buying extended sizes online was a thing (and it’s still not a thing at most retailers, but I’m so grateful for the ones that offer extended lengths!). Lately, I wander the clearance aisle at Target and wonder if I’ve stepped into a portal to a different decade.

I would describe my style as comfortable, practical, and sensible. When I find something I like, I usually buy it in at least 2 colors. So if you resonate with that, read on! I’m going to share some of my “mom wardrobe” staples.

wardrobe staples

Black leggings

I can’t tell you off the top of my head how many pairs of black leggings I own. But, in the cooler months, I know I wear them more days than I don’t. They go with nearly everything (ahem, not navy… but maybe that’s just me) and you can dress up or down. I even pulled off wearing them into the office last winter with a dressy tank and long sweater (or at least I hope I did…).

I’ve tried many brands and styles, and I always come back to my lululemon aligns.  Yes, the price tag is high.  Yes, they pill after lots of wear.  But even if all of my black leggings are clean, I’ll still go for these over others. I have tried some of the dupes and yet to find one that I feel actually compares to that buttery soft second skin feeling. Washing them on delicate in a garment bag, and not drying helps! Read here for some of my favorite mom-approved leggings at many price points!

Basic tanks

In the summer you can find me in a basic solid-colored tank most days. These ribbed tanks from Target are a favorite of mine, and you can’t beat the price! These tanks from Athleta are more costly, but they are great quality and worth it to add one or two to your wardrobe if your budget allows or you feel like splurging. The cut is flattering on all body types and both options are long enough on me to wear untucked without barring my midriff or tucked in to high-waisted pants.

You can keep it casual, pairing this style of tank with leggings, joggers, or a pair of running shorts, or dress them up with a cute pair of shorts, jeans, or some faux leather leggings, adding jewelry or accessories for some additional flair. They are also great transition pieces for fall, as you can easily throw on a sweater, chambray shirt, denim jacket, or shacket (I’m also still warming up to this one…) over them.

Comfortable Shoes

I’ve always been an Adidas girl, and for me, the Cloudfoam Pure shoes take the cake. They are so comfortable, easy to slip on and hold up really well. I have had the same pair for at least 3 years, they’ve been worn nearly daily in the cooler months, run through the washing machine countless times, and still are in great condition (despite the treads being worn nearly flat…). I watch on Amazon and can sometime score certain colors on sale and stock up for replacements. I did recently get these similar New Balance shoes for a deal and so far find them fairly comparable though thinner than the Adidas ones, though I feel these run a little small!

A Ponytail Hat

Some days you don’t have time to or don’t want to mess with your hair… Cue hat day! I LOVE Ponyflo hats. I primarily bought them for running, but I often wear them out and about for errands as well. This brand offers athletic and casual styles and even sun hats! I love that the closure doesn’t get stuck in your hair like other traditional velcro closures on hats, nor do you have to line up your pony in between the woven elastics. They also offer satin-lined hats for us mamas with textured hair… These are on my wish list! Ponyflo is also a woman-owned brand – awesome!

So there you have it… Four of my go-to mom wardrobe staples. My list could go on, but I think I may need to save my other recommendations for another post. I would love to know – what are your go-to mom wardrobe pieces? What are you looking for to add in your mom wardrobe? Please share below!

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