How to Beat Cabin Fever (Without Leaving the House!)

It’s mid-January which means one thing for Iowans – it is COLD!

Not just, “Oh, it’s cold outside…” but more like “I’m wearing ten layers and I still feel the cold” kind of cold. It is kind of the perfect storm if you’re a mom. The holiday season is over. You are left with a house full of toys that the kids no longer are interested in. It’s too cold to go out, sometimes school gets cancelled, so you’re stuck. What to do… what to do… rely on the Cedar Rapids Moms Blog to give you ideas!

How to Beat Cabin Fever (Without Leaving the House!)

Ad Hunt

When the junk mail arrives (as it always does), don’t throw it out! Hunt in the ads for different objects, letters, or colors. After, crumple them up and make a newspaper ball game!

Build a Fort

The easiest fort known to mom kind: Take four chairs and space them out in four corners. Cover the chairs with a fitted sheet. Easy to clean up and set up!

Bubbles in a Bowl

Dump some bubble solution into a bowl. Add some food coloring to make the bubbles different colors. Then put a straw in and blow! Have their cup of water handy to wash the soap down in case they accidentally drink some!

Cook or Bake Something

Don’t know where to start? Here are some tried and true recipes from CRMB contributors that they guarantee you can do with your little ones.


YouTube has a TON of dance videos for kids to follow along with. Most of my favorites are from Just Dance – like this one.

Indoor Picnic

Pull a blanket out and have lunch in the front room. Use a party platter or muffin tins instead of plates. For an even easier clean up, use silicon cupcake liners.

Inside Beach

Spread out your beach towels and put on your swim suits, shorts, and sunglasses. Crank up the heater and pretend you are at the beach!

Toy Bathtime

Need to sanitize the toys with all the germs around? Have your kids do it! Fill a bucket (or the tub) up with soapy water and let the kids play with them. When you’re done, rinse them off and they are clean and ready for the next playtime!

Write a Letter to Grandparents (or anyone!)

Draw a picture, write a letter, or even have them dictate to you. Whatever you want, knowing that someone else will enjoy their work will make it all the more fun!

Want even MORE ideas? Check out these awesome posts from the CRMB team and the City Moms Blog!

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