No More Complaining about my Husband in 2019

I hear many wives complain about their husband. I’m guilty as charged. I have complained about my husband too. But I am going change that in 2019.

I am going to brag about my hubby.

My husband supported my decision to drop down to part-time when we adopted all 4 of our children. It was a significant pay cut but my husband never once complained. He worked overtime when he could to help supplement my lost income. I knew being part-time would come to an end eventually. But I was ever so thankful to my husband who worked so hard so I could volunteer at the school, figure out how to manage six people’s laundry and buy groceries for our new, bigger family. 

No More Complaining about my Husband in 2019

Not only did my husband work extra outside of the home, he stepped up inside the home as well. He has become a taxi driver shuttling kids between practices on his own when I work my late shifts as a nurse. He has become a cook and an expert kitchen cleaner. Often, I come home at 8pm and the kids are fed and bathed, the kitchen is cleaned up and the little kids are even tucked into bed. He has also helped coach our oldest son’s baseball team for the last two years. 

I am incredibly lucky to have a husband that is such a great role model for his kids and not to mention a great husband to his wife.

There are no men chores or women’s chores around our house. Although, only my husband does takes care of the mowing. I may have torn the awning off of our camper several years ago when I attempted to mow the lawn. He will wash windows, clean toilets, vacuum carpets, and dust ceiling fans just to name a few. If its a chore, he will gladly help.

He is a positive role model for our sons and for our daughter. He respects me as his wife and partner. He shows his sons and daughter how a wife should be treated. He shows our family that God is first in everything he does. He is in the worship band at our church. He leads our dinner time prayers. 

I also love to work out. In 2017 and 2018 I trained for a Crossfit Competition in Minnesota. Training for this competition meant increased workouts, gym time, long runs, swimming workouts at various times. He took on extra responsibilities at home while I prepared for these competitions. I was gone for 5 days competing while my husband managed the home-front.

Why am I telling you all of this?

Because my husband does not “babysit” his children. He does not wait until I get home from work for the children to get fed. He does not wait for me to bathe the children. My husband is an active member of our marriage and his family. My husband is encouraging, helpful, thoughtful, and sincere. 

When I hear people say:

“What does your husband do with the kids when you’re gone? My kids would have to go to their grandparents if I wasn’t home.”
“Do you prepare meals so your hubby doesn’t have to worry when you work?”
“That is nice your husband babysits your kids.”

How irritating!

My husband knows how to cook and he loves being with his children. He does not bat an eyelash if I am gone for the weekend. Like I said, I never have to worry about any of these things with my husband. 

I do not tell my husband thank you enough for all he does. 

So to my husband, thank you for being such a great husband. Thank you for everything you have done for us!

Are you going to be more grateful for your husband or partner this year?

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