Four Perfect Gift Ideas For The Mother in Your Life

4 Perfect Gift Ideas For The Mother in Your Life

Mother’s Day gives you the chance to celebrate the amazing women in your life, support local businesses, and, if you do it right, simultaneously avoid unnecessary items that get tucked away on a shelf a few days later. What’s not to love?! Dads and kids – this one’s for you. May 12th is right around the corner (you’re welcome for the date reminder!)

As much as Mom absolutely loves every coffee mug, picture frame, book (that she possibly doesn’t have time to read for the next five years), lotion, and comfy socks, I can basically guarantee you that she’s going to squeal in delight when she opens one, or a few, of the ideas below!

Instead of focusing on some specific items you think she may love, try focusing on some ideas she loves. Time, experiences, tastes, and emotions are a few important qualities at the top of my list!  Here are four ways to give the perfect Mother’s Day gift:

1. Quality Time

There are a few different approaches to this one. Gauge your own situation carefully: would Mom benefit greatly from some quality alone time, or would she relish some quality family time?!

  • Budget Friendly: Get crafty and make Mom some “Alone Time” coupons! Make sure to put expiration dates on these so she won’t find an excuse to not get them used! Coupons could be for giving her time to rest (uninterrupted), stroll her favorite spots peacefully, or just have the house to herself. Bonus: while she’s out, have her favorite meal waiting for her when she returns!
  • Time Together: is Mom the #1 planner and/or family coordinator in your household? If so, give her some time off! Plan an entire day or evening where she doesn’t have to prepare anything. Make her meal(s), then clean up afterwards.
    • Venture to her favorite stores together and pay for a special treat she wouldn’t normally buy herself.
    • Explore new local stores and coffee shops she may not have had a chance to check out yet.
    • Pack lunches for a family walk or bike ride at a park you haven’t been to.
    • Hit up a thrift store and see who in the family can buy the best/most creative/funniest gift for Mom!
  • Here are a few local favorite shops and restaurants to get you started:

2. Gift Experiences

If Mom would love doing something together as a family, check out some local venues and buy tickets for upcoming events Mom would enjoy. There are so many cool concerts, shows, and activities happening this summer! Print out the ticket stubs and stick them in a card, or hide them in a new book or calendar! No printer? Forward the email to her when she’s sitting next to you, and have her ‘open her present’ on her phone!

3. Tastes

This one is huge, and oh, so easy. ‘Hangry’ is a real thing. Good food = good mood. Good food + good mood = wonderful Mother’s Day.

  • Budget Friendly: Mom has a favorite! Think long and hard about what it is, and make it for her! If you’re feeling adventurous, stalk her Pinterest recipe board, and then find something she would love to try but maybe hasn’t been able to yet. Surprise her by making it, or ask her to join you in creating it together!
  • Support Local: Give back to our community and try something new! Check out this list from a past date night post for a ton of awesome local restaurants to visit!

4. Sentimental Gifts

Although it may sound cheesy at first, what are some ways you could gift Mom something emotional?! Make her laugh, make her cry happy tears, and make her feel so special and so appreciated on a day that’s all about her!

  • Budget Friendly: Video record you or each of your kids telling Mom a special message. Depending on the age of your kids, ask them appropriate prompts for answers Mom would love to hear. What’s their favorite thing about Mom? What’s the funniest thing about Mom? What does Mom do that they’re thankful for? What do they think Mom would do if she could do anything she wanted for a whole day? 
    • Do you only have teenagers who will think this idea is ridiculous? Ignore them – they’ll be leaving the nest soon, and this video will be gold to watch when they’re being missed!
  • Support Local: What’s a favorite saying of Mom’s? Does she have something she may not even realize she says, but it’s said enough to be ingrained in your or your kids’ brains forever? Yeah, that one. Get it made on a custom sign! OR, have your kids write a short and sweet message with their signatures, and have their handwriting turned into a custom sign as well. Check out the sign shops linked in this post for some local ideas, or check out a few of my personal favorite custom artwork shops online!

Even though I could talk about great ways to show appreciation to even greater moms all day long, I would love to hear what you guys think would make the perfect Mother’s Day gift! Share some ideas below, and maybe even ever-so-conveniently share this link with your spouse and kids!

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