Party Like a Gilmore: Hosting a Gilmore Girls Viewing Party

Any Gilmore Girls fans out there?

Along with most die-hard fans of the show, I have been anxiously awaiting this revival as soon as I caught wind of the news over a year ago. Ideas for a Gilmore Girls-themed party starting turning in my mind right away, and they piled up as I re-watched all the seasons in the last few months to recap. So, alert the townspeople! Friday night dinners have been reinstated this year!

Hosting a Gilmore Girls Viewing Party

When to Watch

The Revival will be live on Netflix starting November 25th and will consist of four, 90 minute episodes. Either you could invite your best gals over for one major binge session, or opt to divide it up. Thankfully, Netflix makes viewing super flexible! You can set it up however works best for you. 

gilmore girls viewing party

What to Wear

It seems like Gilmore fashion ranges far and wide across most genres of style, making it incredibly unique! Invite guests to dress up in a outfit that resembles a character of their choice. Then, feel free to don a “classic Luke” flannel, a dressed up Friday night dinner outfit, or a chef coat and pigtails! If you’d prefer to keep things more casual, show off your fandom with a clever t-shirt! 

What to Listen To

If you want to create some ambiance while prepping snacks or while waiting for guests to arrive, music is just the thing! You can create a playlist with a mix of classic Gilmore favorites and some of the many other songs/artists that are referenced throughout the show. Or you can promptly check that off your to-do sheet and give my personal mix a listen on Spotify!

gilmore girls viewing party

How to Decorate

Printables are an easy and affordable way to help liven up a party space without going overboard! Search the web for a few themed options. Make a garland out of diner tickets, and hang some Yale memorabilia. Since, the four episodes will be broken up between seasons, you could also include some fun seasonal decor! Pay homage to the Black, White, and Red movie theater by tossing a red blanket or sheet over your couch. Set piles of books, stacks of VHS tapes, and a few gossip magazines out with your other fabulously mismatched home decor items and you’re good to go! Bonus points if you have a Betty Boop head or another knick knack that would make your mother cringe! 

gilmore girls viewing party

What Games to Play

While the film is rolling, keep things more interactive by participating in Gilmore bingo or a themed drinking game! In addition, try to take a small break during episodes to stretch, discuss, or play Bop It.

What to Drink

  • Coffee, Coffee, Coffee! 
  • Emily’s cocktail recipe for Rory’s 21st birthday, fittingly named “The Rory”
  • Lorelai’s go-to: a gin martini
  • More coffee!
  • Beer, AKA backhand slang for Nit Wit Juice

gilmore girls viewing party

What to Eat

Especially relevant are the snacks! This is a perfect day to ditch your diet and pray for the infamous metabolism only a Gilmore could possess! Gather the Pop Tarts, Mallow Mars, Red Vines, and popcorn. Perhaps you could also have guests bring their favorite local take-out. Including a variety of pizza, Chinese, donuts, and burgers with a side of the devil’s starchy fingers should do the trick! Maybe set up a Yale-style mix-and-match cereal bar. And put out a pie plate.

gilmore girls viewing party

Replicate Lorelai’s breakfast on the go by tossing french toast, bacon, and maple syrup into a plastic baggie. Or if you’re striving for something a tad fancier, whip up some Sookie-inspired jalapeño mac-and-cheese, or take a dish from Emily’s elegant kitchen. When it comes to the menu, as long as there is food (and plenty for a week’s worth of leftovers), you can’t go wrong! 

gilmore girls viewing party

Now, it is time to cozy up and binge like never before! Happy viewing, my fellow Stars Hollow freaks! 


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