Appreciate Pregnancy: See What You’ve Done!

A blueberry.

An avocado.

A banana.

A zucchini.

A pineapple.

What do those words mean to you? A variety of fruits and vegetables? Sure. To me, right now, those words have described the living, breathing being that is growing inside of me.  

My body is growing another human being. A child is growing inside of me. My child. Incredible. From beginning to end, my child will grow from the size of a chia seed to the size of a pumpkin. And all of this will take place inside my body.

Appreciate Pregnancy: Look What You've Done!

If you’ve ever experienced being pregnant, I want to ask you something:

Did you allow yourself to fully appreciate the magic that is truly happening?

There can be so many negative focal points when it comes to being pregnant and it can be so easy to get lost in all of those. What our bodies do is really amazing. We are doing ourselves a disservice by not truly appreciating pregnancy.

This is my second pregnancy…and my final pregnancy. After the birth of our baby boy, our family will be complete and the magic of what my body has done will be a thing of the past. Shortly after finding out I was pregnant this time around, I realized how little appreciation I gave my body during my first pregnancy.

Maybe I was too wrapped up in the whole becoming a mom scenario.

Maybe I was too worried about what her nursery was going to look like or what bottles I was going to use.

Maybe I selfishly felt sorry for myself as I watched my “semi-fit” body disappear.  

Or maybe I just didn’t know any better.

I’d never been pregnant before. This was uncharted waters for me and I had no idea what to expect. I can remember holding my newborn daughter in my arms for first time and thinking to myself, “How is this possible? How did this precious little girl just come out of me?”

Appreciate Pregnancy: Look What You've Done!

What I can’t remember is taking the time to watch what was happening as she grew to become that 7 pound 11 ounce beautiful baby girl. To enjoy each flutter, each kick, each hiccup, and yes – even each pound I had gained.

This time, I’ve made the conscious decision to not downplay what my body is doing. Is that because it’s the last time I’ll spend 40 weeks creating a life? Possibly. I know I’ll never experience this again. Does that make it more meaningful? I don’t believe so. My first pregnancy was just as important as this one is.

I’m just choosing to look at it in a different light.  

Do I have heartburn…yes. Is there some slight swelling in my ankles…yes. Is my face, and my rear, a bit larger than usual…sure is. Is finding a comfortable sleeping position getting harder and harder…sure is. But that doesn’t matter.

Do you know why?

I’ve been given the opportunity to watch my baby move and feel him kick. I get to see my swollen belly dance because of that little life inside of me. I’ve watched the number of the scale increase and the view of my feet decrease because I’m making room for him to grow from one fruit or vegetable size to another. My upper body is expanding in order to provide strength and nourishment for him when he enters this world. My lower body is expanding to help him transition from the inside to the outside.

It’s all part of this amazing thing that only we as women get to experience. Nobody can ever take that away from us. 

So to those of you who are currently pregnant, and to those of you who become pregnant, I challenge you: Take a look at yourself in the mirror. Really look at yourself, your body, and what’s happening. Appreciate what you see.

To those who are already a mother: Take one look at your child, or your children, and think to yourself…I made that. I made life. That life has now become your life. None of that would be possible without the true wonder of our female body and the blessing of pregnancy.  

At the end of this 40 weeks, when this pregnancy is over, I’ll be holding my little boy in my arms.  For that reason alone, I’m incredibly thankful.

What did or do you appreciate most about pregnancy?

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