After The Positive Test: My First Trimester Random Thoughts

First Trimester Random Thoughts

If you’ve been pregnant before, you know there’s something special about the pregnancy brain, and body, that isn’t quite like anything else. Those first few weeks of the first trimester, or really until you reach the coveted second trimester (which seems to take a lifetime) are full of emotions, changes and adapting to your new physique and lifestyle. From absorbing all the new information to figuring out how exactly your body feels at the moment to imagining every scenario possible, the brain is working non-stop.

Here a look inside my first trimester brain:

  1. Positive test. Am I excited or terrified? Seems these two cancel each other out. I’m going with stunned.
  2. Eggs sound good for breakfast. Nope *gag* they don’t. I need to get away from the kitchen.
  3. *crosses fingers* Hope everything is all right in there, hope everything is all right in there…
  4. Anyone in the family: What’s for dinner? Me: Cheese or bread. Both–cheese and bread.
  5. I should probably buy stock in the peppermint or heartburn remedies industry…
  6. Who knew water with lots and lots of ice could be so delicious?
  7. When will I feel the baby move? *Google to the rescue*
  8. I have energy for the first time this week! Going on a run and enjoying this wonderful weather!
  9. Time for a two hour nap!
  10. Me:I love that no one knows I’m pregnant and it’s my little secret to protect. I’m not telling anyone until after my 12 week appointment.
    Also me, (to my family at 5 weeks): I’m pregnant!!!
  11. It’s your lucky day, sweetie! Mami is so tired that you can have all the IPad time because I need to just lay down on the couch and go to bed at 7pm.
  12. Why is it that the only time a warm water bath sounds appealing is exactly when they advise you not to take them?
  13. I’ll take a ham and cheese sandwich, no ham.
  14. There’s no way I was this uncomfortable at night during my first pregnancy!
  15. So thankful for that 8-week ultrasound. How did I sanely make it to the 12-week Doppler last time for signs of life?!?!
  16. Chips and salsa sound really good, but heartburn does not. But, I like my salsa spicy. Oh well, I’ll just have a Tums afterwards.
  17. I completely regret eating that salsa.
  18. Is it too early to wear maternity jeans yet? NEVER!
  19. Everyone: Why are you so tired?!?!
    Me: Well, while you’re there just sitting there and digesting your food, my body is making eye lashes, a tiny little heart beat and growing a tiny human out of nothing, which is all kinda weird and amazing if you think about it. So yes, I’m tired, and I’ll also have another cookie.
  20. My daughter is going to be such a great big sister!
  21. *sings* Are you in there little fetus? In nine months will you come greet us?
  22. Food, food, food, food. 24/7 thinking about food.
  23. My body is not mine anymore. Anything I do is for baby, not for me.
  24. What was I thinking?!?1 I’m NOT ready for this
  25. I can’t wait to be a family of four!!!!

The brain is a wonderful thing, and so is a woman’s body! What random thoughts did you have during your first trimester, or throughout your pregnancy?

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