Six Summer Swim Must-Haves for Kids

Summer swim season is finally upon us and you bet we are ready now that the pools will be open this year! These 6 summer swim must-haves are some of the best quality items I have found for my kids. Some have stood the test of time and been successfully passed through three siblings!

Here’s why I love each one and where to snag it for your little fish!

Six Summer Swim Must-Haves for Kids1. Lands End Swim Suits

We’ve been through a lot of suits and many lasted for only 1-2 summers for only one kid. The suits get too thin, stretched and faded to be passed on. There is a lot to love about the suits from Lands End. Not only do they do a great job protecting kids from the sun, but the fabric is high enough quality to last several years through several kids. The little ice cream suit in the middle is on year 4 of use and still looks and feels great! I love that Lands End offers shorts (with pockets!) as a bottom option for both boys and girls. You can mix and match however you like. I like to buy them at the end of the season and stash away the next size. Doing so makes these great quality suits a great deal, too!

Six Summer Swim Must-Haves for Kids: Turkish Towels

2. Wet Cat Turkish Towels

These towels are new to us this year, but we love them! They are perfect for the beach or lake because they don’t get sand stuck in them and are very compact and easy to transport. Although they are thin, Turkish towels definitely do the job of absorbing water. They also dry much more quickly than a traditional beach towel, so they are especially perfect for kids who may be getting in and out of the water.

Six Summer Swim Must-Haves for Kids: Aqua Goggles

3. Aqua Sphere Goggles

These are not the cheapest kids goggles you will find, but they might be the best. Aqua Sphere goggles helped my reluctant swimmer feel much more confident and comfortable in the water for swimming lessons. Unlike the smaller versions of swim goggles, they don’t feel like they are sucking out your eyeballs. They don’t fog like crazy and are easy to adjust. We picked this pair up at Diventures in North Liberty where you can choose colors and try them on. My kids use these every single time they are in the water which makes it well worth the investment.

Swim Fins

4. Finis Swim Fins

These swim fins are amazing. We gave them to my daughter for her birthday two years ago and she still loves them. I love that they have the hole in the toes so they fit a variety of sizes and ages. They just slip on like a sock and you are ready to go. There is nothing to break and she thinks they are super comfy. I highly recommend for both eager and reluctant swimmers.

Six Summer Swim Must-Haves for Kids: Sun Hat

5. SwimZip Kids Sun Hat

Look no further for a sun hat for your child of any age. The brim can get wet and still holds its shape, so your child can even wear it while they enjoy water activities without a soppy hat in his or her face. SwimZip hats are well vented so you won’t have to listen to complaints of being hot. The quick release on the cord ensures safety if the hat cord catches on something. These cute and practical hats come in several different colors and all sizes. You really can’t go wrong with this one!

Six Summer Swim Must-Haves for Kids: Sunscreen

6. Baby Bum Mineral Sunscreen

Last, but most important is sunscreen. We have used MANY different kids of sunscreen over the years trying to find one that fits the bill. This one is definitely my family’s new favorite. It rubs in well, which is not something you can usually say for mineral sunscreen. It doesn’t have much of a smell at all, which I appreciate. It’s not the cheapest sunscreen, but by using other forms of sun protection like rash guard swim shirts and sun hats, we don’t go through it very quickly.

Six Summer Swim Must-Haves for Kids

Gather up your goodies and make a splash this summer! What are your summer swim must-haves for kids?

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