Local and Sustainably Grown Food: Why We Love 99 Counties

Did you know you can order local & sustainably sourced food and have it delivered to your doorstep? 99 Counties is our trusted Iowa meat farm connecting local consumers to local regenerative farmers. They work with local farmers practicing regenerative agriculture to offer the highest quality, best tasting, and most nutrient-dense food available.

99 Counties was kind enough to partner with Cedar Rapids Moms, gifting our team a selection of quality, local meat to cook for our families. Here are 5 reasons why we love and recommend them.

local and sustainable meat

1. Farm to Front Door Service

Being busy moms, a meat delivery service is a life saver. Not only that, but having access to local farmers & local meats is a game changer. We can easily shop on their website, choose quantities, and have it delivered to our door. Their trusted delivery drivers hand deliver each order in reusable insulated tote bags that can be returned to them at the next delivery… Just like the old-school milkman! You can’t beat the service.

“We thought the NY strip steak packages had one big steak, but it was actually two big steaks in there. I love how compact the packaging is, makes it easier to fit into freezer and portions seems bigger after you unwrap. “

2. Better for Local Farmers

Unlike store bought meat, knowing that our meat came from farmers who locally (and humanely) raised the pigs, cows, chickens, and lamb right in our backyard make us feel connected. Purchases made through 99 Counties support farmer independence, making America’s heartland more vibrant. The meat is traceable to 26 local family farmers and 6 partner processors across Iowa and Minnesota. These hardworking artisans are the folks who make 99 Counties possible!

“We ordered a bit of everything – brisket, chicken drummies, steaks, ground beef, roast, bacon, breakfast sausage, and pork chops! So far, we love the bacon and brisket the most. Everything is so tender and flavorful, but my hubby enjoyed smoking brisket the most. We don’t often buy bacon because the store-bought quality is mediocre, but I’d buy 5 lbs of pepper bacon again. It was thick, flavorful, and had a zesty crunch.”

3. Local = Better for the Planet

Biodiverse agricultural ecosystems support a healthier planet through reducing waste, restoring soil, and sequestering carbon. Research also shows regenerative farming (farming with nature, restoring health to the land, and producing food that is tastier and nutrient-dense) results better tasting, healthier food! It makes us feel good knowing the food they grow helps to preserve topsoil, conserve water, clean the air, raise animals ethically, and eliminate chemicals from the food supply.

local and sustainable meat

4. Taste & Quality Were Suburb

Healthier animals make for healthier meat, makes for healthier people. It’s that simple. You can taste the difference between local, pasture raised meat and conventional. The tenderness, the juiciness, the savory blend of flavors. You almost didn’t even seasoning! Everything we grilled was so tasty – from chicken wings and pork chops to brisket, bacon, and burgers. We could tell that each piece of meat was carefully packaged and preserved to capture the flavor – how meat is supposed to taste!

“I would highly recommend 99 counties to others who want great quality meat delivered to their door. No more wondering where the meat came from or shopping in store for the perfect cut. This was easy, convenient, and was a great value for the price.”

5. Affordable Price for Local Meat

99 Counties wants to see independent, local farmers thrive and prosper in our region and make regenerative farming a viable option for folks with a passion for sustainability, food production, and working with nature. That’s why they make their prices accessible and affordable for all. By cutting out the middle man, more profits go directly to the farmers and their families so they have the support they need to steward the land.

Love what you’re reading and want to enjoy the Midwest’s best regenerative local meat? Shop 99 Counties or join as a member and enjoy 20% off all products!

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