Mom Confessions: A Letter to My Second Child

Dear Second Child,

We are so excited you’re here. You were very much planned – and even came sooner than we expected. Your big sis has been rubbing mama’s belly for months and practicing playing mommy with her baby dolls. We thought we loved you then, but now that you’re here, that love has magnified. Having said that, there’s something I have to confess…

I’ve done it all before.

a letter to my second child

Not that your pregnancy and arrival wasn’t beautiful, special and perfect, it was just…different. This isn’t my first time experiencing motherhood.

I’ve seen the two pink lines before.

I’ve felt the first kicks before.

We’ve been told “it’s a girl!” before

I’ve watched my belly grow before.

I’ve given birth and cried tears of joy before.

There’s an older sister who is also vying for my attention. She was the only child before you, meaning there were some things she got to experience being the first. There are some things that are just going to be different being the second child.

a letter to my second child

Second Time Mom Confessions:

  • I didn’t take weekly bump pics with your pregnancy.
  • I prepped and organized your room a month before you were here.
  • I’m not able to scoop you up the second you cry.
  • Your blankets and clothes are hand me downs and will mostly always be hand me downs.
  • Your baby book may be patchy compared to your sister’s book.
  • We didn’t have a name for you right away, in fact, it took us 6 months!
  • I don’t plan to call the nurse every time you have a sniffle or cough.
  • I won’t be able to nap when you nap.
  • Our breastfeeding journey won’t be as magical and relaxing as it was the first time.

Being the second is a cool thing, though!

I’m much more lax about things and was less stressed about your pregnancy and arrival. I’ve been around the block, so I know what to expect. I’ve changed diapers, breastfeed, rocked babies to sleep, and know what the best lullabies are. I know what labor pains feel like and know what’s considered normal and what’s not. I’m familiar with cradle cap, how to soothe newborn gassiness, and know what true sleep deprivation feels like. I’ve also become a minimalist when it comes to baby stuff, so you can rest assured you’re getting the most well-researched, quintessential stuff and none of that unnecessary fluff. In a nutshell, I’m a little more prepared and knowledgeable this time around and I’m proud to admit that. I just want to give you the best!

Although you weren’t my first, you’re most likely my last. My last baby snuggle, my last breastfeeding journey, my last up-all-nighter, and my last lullaby. I’ll cherish and relish those memories for the rest of my life. You may be my second child, but you and your sister are both #1 in my heart and no one can ever take your places. I love you both equally, and for different reasons. You two have given me the best gift of all: being a mother.

Love you with all I have,


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