Let’s Talk Laundry

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Let’s Talk Laundry Service

If you have a load of laundry in the washing machine, go switch it over quickly then come back. I’ll wait… Admit it, you probably have a load in a basket right now waiting to be folded. No judgment here. I do too, about 99% of the time. Until Now.

One of my favorite TikTokers, KC. Davis AKA @domesticblisters, Has this brilliant mindset that I’m trying to adopt in my life: 

“Care tasks are morally neutral. Being good or bad at them has nothing to do with being a good person, parent, man, woman, spouse, friend. Literally nothing. You are not a failure because you can’t keep up with laundry. Laundry is morally neutral.” 

It’s so easy to let care tasks pile up, and if you’re anything like me you’ve felt like a failure for falling behind. Can I let you in on a little secret? Ready?

It’s okay to get help!

I wish I could just say, “Alexa, fold the clothes!” but, alas, we’re not at that stage with our robot overlords. But, I had the opportunity to experience an amazing new laundry delivery service called Sock Sorters for a month and it was about as easy. A big “thank you” to Sock Sorters for sponsoring this post so I can share my thoughts with all of you!

Sock Sorters is a new local family-owned business that started with a simple idea:

“If we can get our groceries delivered; why not our laundry?”

Why not, indeed?

For the cost of around one takeout meal a week, you can have your laundry washed, folded, hung, and sorted into piles for each family member. When I used this amazing laundry service they had my bag returned the same day!

Sock Sorters Laundry Service

The owners, Bob and Lauren Wise, were super easy to work with. When we set things up initially they asked really good questions about how I like my laundry done including what type of detergent? Do I want dryer balls with essential oils used? What needs to be hung? etc. Each week they would send text reminders about pick up, and ask for feedback about how the last delivery went to make sure it was all to my liking.

The huge bag they provided fit about 3 large loads, for our family that’s about 2/3rds of our weekly laundry because we are a family of 5 including a “happy spitter” baby who requires several outfit changes for him (and me) and at least 5 burp clothes daily. If I wanted them to do more than what can fit in the bag they told me they could customize each pickup and do additional bags as needed for a reduced fee.

Sock Sorters also offers a Pay As You Go which would be amazing in a pinch like we had earlier this year when our dryer died and we were stuck with a mountain of dirty clothes as we waited for our new dryer to arrive. 


As a parent of a newborn, I’m constantly amazed how much laundry is introduced when a tiny human enters the world! I would have loved a gift card to this service in the first weeks after the baby came.

I was so behind after the holidays since our regular routine was off, so having a month of laundry help was a huge relief. I was even able to tackle swapping my kids’ closets to the next size up since I finally had their piles all nicely folded and organized by size.

In case you’re still feeling guilty outsourcing chores (like laundry service), don’t!–you’ll actually be helping our community.

Bob and Lauren both have a background in social work and are planning to use their business to help individuals with disabilities. They are in contact with several agencies in our area including the Linn Mar Opportunity Center and Goodwill. They will provide on-the-job training and life skills while providing meaningful employment.

The bottom line is this: Sock Sorters is a game-changer for any busy mom and I’m thrilled we have them as a helpful resource in our area!

Olivia grew up just outside of Cedar Rapids in Mount Vernon, IA. She moved to Pella, IA for undergrad and loved working in the library, so she continued her education at the University of Wisconsin-Madison and earned her Masters of Library and Information Science. She originally intended to be a higher ed librarian, but an internship at a public library working with kids convinced her to change her plans. After 9 years working as a full time children’s librarian, Olivia is now embarking on an exciting new chapter as a full time mama.