Olivia Stoner

Olivia grew up just outside of Cedar Rapids in Mount Vernon, IA. She moved to Pella, IA for undergrad and loved working in the library, so she continued her education at the University of Wisconsin-Madison and earned her Masters of Library and Information Science. She originally intended to be a higher ed librarian, but an internship at a public library working with kids convinced her to change her plans. After 9 years working as a full time children’s librarian, Olivia is now embarking on an exciting new chapter as a full time mama.
Happy National Banana Day April 20th, 2022

Go Bananas: Celebrating National Banana Day

Apparently, National Banana Day is a thing and I’m here for it. I love bananas. Such an easy, healthy snack. Add peanut butter and it’s basically a meal. Pre-wrapped, delicious, can stand in as...

What Can I Do with This Baby All Day? My Go-to Activities For Little...

I have worked professionally with little kids and babies for most of my career. I have lots of nieces and nephew. When I was a teenager, I babysat. I help in the church nursery,...

Let’s Talk Laundry

Let's Talk Laundry Service If you have a load of laundry in the washing machine, go switch it over quickly then come back. I’ll wait… Admit it, you probably have a load in a basket...
Picture of Nola the Cat

Saying Goodbye to a Pet: Tips for Helping Kids Navigate Loss

Last Sunday our cat, Nola, was acting really sick.  My husband and I took her to the emergency vet since it was the weekend, and they told us it appeared she had a stroke and...
Parents and children putting hands in like a team huddle

Into the (Somewhat)Knoooown: Postpartum and Delivery Prep for Child #3

Baby #3 is due soon, meaning it’s time for our family to get ready for our world to be rocked. Having done this twice there are things I know I’ll need, but there is...
The Finding Place Example

Break Up The Monotony With “The Finding Place”

Before the Pande-monium, I worked full time. So my time with two kids T-5 and S-3 (which my husband just informed me would be an excellent Star Wars droid name) consisted of supper, bath,...
Scrabble tiles spell TOGETHER

Traveling Together: Tips for Families and Friends with Kids

Thanks to the hard work and sacrifice of so many and the wonders of modern science, we are finally starting to emerge from the pandemic and I, for one, am ready to spend real...
beach bag

What’s In My Bag: Summer Edition (with Free Printables!)

Summer is upon us! That means lots of outdoor adventures. Full disclosure: I am forgetful by nature. Add kids to the mix and, oh dear… I’ve learned to be nice to Future Me by preparing ahead of...