Embracing the Cheug: Why My Side Part is Here to Stay

Embracing the Cheug: Why My Side Part is Here to Stay

Cheugy: (adj): The absence of being trendy.  Lame.  Millennial.

Apparently, this is a thing that Gen Z calls us, the Millennials.  I guess I’m supposed to be offended?  I mean, cool.  Gen Z is on the front lines of social justice, technology, and a whole host of other cool things.  They are truly leading the way.  But millennials taught them how to use spoons and made mom jeans a thing of the past.

So, what is a millennial mama to do when she is called cheugy by her tween?

Embrace it.  All of it.  The skinny jeans, the side part, the wood signs, and the emoji usage.  It took years for skinny jeans to hit the big-girl mainstream and you’re trying to tell me to go back to the shapeless jeans of yesteryear?  No thanks, babe.

How on earth is a 30-something-year-old with more spare tires than a Goodyear supposed to walk into work wearing a crop top?  Baby, we have bills to pay and a job to keep.  I will take my tank top layered under whatever I’m wearing with my nice skinny jeans and flats because I AM LIVING MY BEST LIFE, OK?!?!?!?!

You know what else is considered cheugy?  Uggs.

Those dreadfully ugly, delightfully warm boots that make your feet feel like they’re swimming in a vat of hot cocoa on a cold winter’s day.  No, I don’t care.  You can pry them out of my cold, dead hands.

Snarky mugs are cheugy.

Not the ones that say “girl boss”.  Those can die a thousand deaths.  But the ones that are legit funny.  How else will people know I am a treasure trove of useless trivia on Olivia Benson if not for my mug?  HOW I ask you?!?!

Starbucks Frappes:

Ok, junior.  Let’s get real clear here: if I need caffeinated on a hot day I will have my venti caramel mocha frap that tastes like diabetes and shame.  What is a cold brew anyway?  I thought that was beer.

The egregious use of emoji/bitmoji/gif/memes:

How else am I supposed to convey that something made me “lol” without actually saying “I am thusly amused”?  90% of my communication with my BFF is through these mediums.

Owning merch from your favorite sitcom:

Say it isn’t so.  My Sophia mug (see above) is the perfect accessory that tells folks I will tell them about Sicily, 1921.  A Prison Mike pillow with reversible sequins is the perfect addition to your adult Disney-themed she-shed.

Wood Signs:

Ok, so we literally have an entire studio in Cedar Rapids devoted to making wood signs and it’s super fun.  It’s a cornucopia of cheugy ladies with wine and crafting.  Don’t @ me with your insistence that wood signs are cheugy.  I have a zero percent chance of caring.

I think it’s natural to take some offense when the younger generation pokes fun at their elders and wonder if we’re out of touch.  But we did not make it through 2020 to care about what folks think of us.

So, if you are cheugy then I applaud you.  If you are not cheugy and are burning your wood signs and skinny jeans I also applaud you because it takes a lot of work to keep up with trends.

So, regardless of your cheug status, you do you.

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