10 Self-Care Ideas for Moms that Moms Can Actually Do

Before becoming a mom, self-care articles made sense. Going on a weekend getaway, booking a spa day with my girlfriends, and discovering a new winery via gravel travel were tangible things that I could act on spontaneously and truly have the best time! I was able to unwind, unplug, and forget about the world for a little bit.

Then, I became a mama.

self-care ideas for moms

Quickly, I found my Google searches shift to: “self-care for moms” and “taking care of yourself as a new mom”.

I’ll never forget some of the articles I read that truly left me cackling.

You want me to… WHAT?!

Light fifty candles around my bathtub and relax in a hot bath for an hour?

*Insert laughing emoji here*

Suuuuuuure thing, self-care article! I can’t even pee by myself, let alone create this terrifying fire hazard of a situation that my child is guaranteed to walk into.

Okay, okay…I’m being dramatic. Let’s say I can get the candles and step into the bathtub while the water is still hot. How relaxing it will be to listen to the sweet sounds of my 8-month-old screaming refusal of dinner at my husband. *Knock knock* “Hunny, can you help me out here?” Of course, I am going to help my husband and my sweet baby! It’s in my DNA to take care of my family. However, my self-care attempt didn’t get to happen.

After a few months into motherhood, once the haze of the newborn stage faded a bit, I started to reframe my thinking behind self-care.

So, here I am writing yet another “self-care for moms” article to infiltrate your Google searches. You may laugh at mine too, but hey, I tried, and I’m glad you’re trying to take care of yourself too! I’m proud of you, mama!

10 Self-Care Ideas for Moms that Moms Can Actually Do:

  1. Have dinner with a friend

Just you! No kids, no partner. The conversation will be so worth it.

  1. Go for a walk and listen to your favorite podcast

This can be on a trail, in the neighborhood, or around the mall!

  1. Stop putting off your hair or nail appointment

You’ll be “feelin’ yourself” afterwards!

  1. Ask for help.

One time I had my neighbor sit in my living room while my baby was sleeping so I could drive around the block and actually think for 30 minutes. It wasn’t weird.

  1. Hire the babysitter!

You will be so glad you did.

  1. Walk around Target without a shopping list

Don’t worry, Target will tell you what you need.

  1. Sit in a parking lot and watch Netflix on your phone

It sounds creepy, but hey, it’s uninterrupted time!

  1. Have your partner run errands with the kids

The entire house to myself? Heck yes! The catch is, you’re not allowed to clean.

  1. Skip the commitment

Send an email or text to let them know you’ll not be able to make it. You owe no one an explanation as to why.

  1. Move your body

Whether it’s a stroll around the block, a Cedar Rapids Moms Fitness and Wellness Group Gathering, or yoga locked in your bedroom. Moving your body will feel so good!

How do you do self-care as a mom? Share in the comments below!

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