Saving Dinner: Meal Prep Services Around the Corridor

No matter the time of year, planning and meal prepping can be a challenge!  Shopping, chopping and cooking can be extra tedious when you have little ones around!  To make your days (and nights) run a little smoother, here are some local meal prep services that can help!  


Saving Dinner: Meal Prep Options Around the Corridor


Naomi’s Kitchen

Overview: Naomi’s Kitchen prepares a variety of frozen dinners for families that needs servings of 2, 3 or 6.  Prepared conventionally or gluten free, a variety of recipes are available and change monthly. Too busy to pick up?  Naomi’s Kitchen offers delivery for an additional fee!

Location: North Liberty, IA

Pick Up/Delivery Options: North Liberty and Kathy’s Pies in Cedar Rapids, Delivery to within 30 miles of North Liberty

Best for: Family Dinners

Prices:  $155 and up depending on number of entrees and servings

How to Order: Online via the calendar tab



Overview: This meal prep service offers a variety of frozen meals for breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks.  Chilled offers meals prepared for specialized diets (gluten free, Whole30, Paleo or organic) and produces 4 servings.  Need individual servings? Chilled offers those options as well! A new menu is released at the beginning of every month!

Location: Center Point, IA

Pick Up/Delivery Options: Chilled offers pick up at their Center Point location or ‘host sites’ in Cedar Rapids, Cedar Falls, North Liberty or Independence

Best for: Family Dinners, Individual Lunches/Dinners

Prices: $12/conventional meal, $15/gluten free, Whole30, Paleo, $20/organic

How to Order: Online


Amanda Rae Fitness

Overview: Amanda Rae Fitness prepares single serving meals to eat throughout the week.  Some options are able to be frozen while others are better fresh. All meals are can be reheated in the microwave.  Watching what you eat? Need to know the nutritional breakdown of your meal? Amanda Rae Fitness has you covered!

Location: Cedar Rapids, IA

Pick Up/Delivery Options: Pick up in Cedar Rapids

Best for: Individuals

Prices: $10.50/a la cart, Package options available

How to Order: Online Saturdays-Wednesdays


Evolve Paleo Kitchen

Overview: Evolve Paleo Kitchen offers fresh meals that are never frozen.  Perfect for individuals, this meal prep offers ‘grab and go’ options or full on meal plans.  While you don’t have to be Paleo to eat these meals, rest assured, they are prepared with health in mind.  Options for breakfast, lunches and snacks are available with labels and correlations for some of the most popular diets out there!  

Location: Iowa City, IA

Best for: Individuals

Prices: $4 and up/ala cart options, Package options available

How to Order: Online or pick up in store

Have you tried any of these local options for meal prep?  Any you would recommend to add to our list?  Comment below with your favorites!  

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