Celebrating Cinco de Mayo: {Before & After the Kids are in Bed}

Hola, mamas! Happy Cinco de Mayo on this fine 5th of May!

Two main reasons why I’m super excited about this holiday:

1. I’ve studied, tutored and translated Spanish for years and love everything about it {including this Mexican celebration that Mexico doesn’t even celebrate as much as we do. Ha!}

2. I will find any excuse to throw a party with my 16-month-old daughter. We’re crazy and a little over the top, I know.

I have some EASY recipes, crafts, and ideas to celebrate Cinco de Mayo at your house or around Cedar Rapids this weekend. And be sure to scroll to the very bottom…there are boozy cupcakes and margaritas for after the kids are in bed. Don’t even pretend like you don’t deserve every last drop. I hope you enjoy the day and take advantage of this excuse to party…with or without your kids! 🙂



The perfect (healthy) snack or side dish. Mix together avocados + tomatoes + onion + garlic + lime juice + salt. My daughter eats this by the spoonful…and I’m okay with that!

Salsa Chicken Tacos 

This is my go-to recipe for something quick and easy during the week or for Taco Tuesdays, Cinco de Mayos, crock-pot night, I-don’t-want-to-cook-but-I-have-to-nights, etc.

  1. Throw chicken breasts into crock-pot and cover with salsa (frozen or thawed).
  2. Leave in crock pot for 4-6 hours or until you can shred them.
  3. Tear apart chicken and add more salsa.
  4. Spoon onto tacos & add your toppings!

Mexican Chili 

I usually make this after the Salsa Chicken Tacos with the leftovers. It is another easy, “dump your ingredients into the crock pot” kind of recipe! Combine shredded chicken, more salsa, 4-5 cups of chicken broth, can of drained corn, can of rinsed black beans and chili powder. Top with cheese and tortilla chips!


Maracas – 

Have any leftover plastic Easter eggs? Have the kids fill them with dried noodles or beans. Place them between two plastic spoons and wrap tape around the handles and the egg part. Use stickers, washi tape, ribbon, yarn or paint to decorate. Use these at the dance party below!

Talk about Mexico – 

I love opportunities to talk about other cultures and countries. Talk with your kids about Mexico. (Don’t worry about having all the answers. Learning things together is fun too.)  Show your kids the flag, and have them draw and color it. What food do they eat in Mexico? Where is this country on the globe? What are some Spanish words?

Mexican Music Dance Party – 

We like to dance in our house! Getting silly (and worn out for nap time) is a workout for myself and my daughter. If you search for “Cinco de Mayo Music” on Youtube or Pandora, you will find some fun mariachi music. This song is so cheesy and fun for kids; can you envision me dancing around with my girl to this? Because I totally am right now.


Margarita Cupcakes

This recipe is so limey & yummy. They do call for tequila in the batter and frosting, which would be a fun adult only treat. My daughter and I made these together without the tequila and they were still delicious and G rated.

cinco de mayo

Homemade Frozen Margs

Dump one can frozen limeade concentrate, 5 oz. tequila, 2 oz. triple sec and ice in a blender. Add some strawberries too, if you’d like! Super easy and makes 4 servings…depending on the size of the fun glass you’re drinking from!


If you want to travel to Mexico in Cedar Rapids for supper, there are so many authentic restaurants in town! Here a list of the ones I’ve discovered. Try some out if you aren’t feeling the whole cooking-crafting-mom gig tonight!

La Cantina
Cancun Mexican Grill & Bar
Villas Patio
El Rancho
La Camelia
Los Compadres
Hacienda Las Glorias
Casa Las Glorias

Share your Cinco de Mayo pictures with us using the hashtag #CedarRapidsMoms and #CRMoms.

How are you celebrating?!


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