Organization for Busy Parents: Part Two

Sometimes I dream about what it would be like if I had a day off all to myself to get things done around the house. Let’s be real; I might also enjoy this foreign verb I’ve heard of only when begging my children to engage in it. Ah, yes. It’s a nap. Just think of it–I could finally pack away those clothes the kids grew out of a year ago. Then I would reorganize closets and toss out the unnecessary.

I have not had a day like that in years, to bake the cake and eat it, too. So, I add one ingredient at a time, and take one small bite at a time. This cake I refer to is a little slice of my life, the one I call organization.


Here are a few more ways you can organize your hectic life right now.

Grocery List App

No more going to the grocery store only to forget one item. No more losing that hand-written list. This free app allows me to add to my grocery list wherever I am (except the shower), whenever I think of something that needs to be added. As soon as I run out of something in the kitchen, I pull up this app and add it. You can also organize your shopping list by freezer section, produce, etc. to make your journey through the store an efficient one.

Kid Info in a Cupboard


This is no Pinterest display board. I am hiding the clutter, but I know exactly where to find my son’s lunch account information, PowerSchool login, or even his daily school schedule. Think of the possibilities. You could have a cupboard for each kid, or even a cupboard for each activity they are involved in.

Bins Galore


I prefer organizers that are clear and able to snap shut. These are perfect for art supplies, Pokémon cards, Barbie accessories, or rocks. Yes, many rocks seem to appear on counter tops and in pockets.

Shoe Organizers


These babies are available at Walmart for less than $5 each. I originally bought them to store my students’ cell phones while we are learning, but this type of organizer trickled into my home life as well.  I have one hanging on the door of my very small pantry to store snacks, spatulas, and even my kids’ flashcards. This one is on my bedroom closet. It is the perfect home for scarves, larger pieces of jewelry, and rolling my husband’s ties.

Magnetic Door


If you have a stainless steel refrigerator, you soon realize that magnets only stick to the sides. This provides next to no room for keeping important info and displaying your child’s A+ work. The door to my garage from my kitchen just happens to be magnetic. This has become a make-shift “fridge” door to hang up the lunch schedule, artwork, or other important documents that we like to see on the way out the door. You can’t miss it. 

Photo Box Memories


I try my best to actually print out some of the pictures from my cell phone occasionally. I store all photos or special cards/announcements from each year into a dedicated photo box from Michaels Craft Store. These came with the black labels already on them, so I just added the year. Then, when it is time to relocate an old photo, or make a scrapbook, you can easily find it. These boxes go on sale quite often.

If you need more inspiration, Organization for Busy Parents: Part One contains seven products and methods for keeping your home and family running smoothly.

So the next time you find yourself craving an all-out re-organization day, remember to take things one slice at a time.



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