Netflix Reviews: Watch It or Skip It

netflix reviews

As I stayed up until midnight a few months back watching a new round of Netflix shows, I thought to myself, “I should tell my friends to skip that movie and save them two hours they’ll never get back…”

Welcome to Round Two of Netflix Reviews: Watch It or Skip It!

Apparently, I love to review things: see here and here, so I’m keeping this trend alive, {Netflix edition}

Most of these titles have spent time in the “Top Ten” category on the home page, so they should seem relatively familiar.


Father Stu

I know it’s popular to “save the best for last” but I was just so enamored with this film that I wanted to include it front and center on this month’s review. Father Stu is based on the real life story of Stuart Long, a boxer turned Catholic priest. Whatever stereotypical direction I thought this movie was going to go, I was wrong. I shed tears more than once.

It’s thought provoking and heartwarming while also being gritty and authentic. This was one of those rare movies that I get done watching and think to myself, “I wish every single person could see that.” Run, don’t walk to {WATCH IT}

Do Revenge

Starring Maya Hawke (Stranger Things) and Camila Mendes (Riverdale), the cast is star studded with appearances from a number of other well-known actors. The premise is fun – “let’s get revenge on each other’s bullies”. The rest…. less fun. It vacillates between promoting wokeness and then criticizing/making fun of wokeness. While I appreciate a script that can appeal to both sides, it felt disjointed. It’s a movie about high schoolers without a parent in sight the entirety of the movie.

Plot points include putting drugs in the meal of hundreds of people, planting (different) drugs on a mean girl, and leaking nude photos and videos of dozens of girls. Call me a prude, but it’s not the revenge vibe I was looking for. There were some twists I didn’t see coming, but the hard to believe ending didn’t do it for me. {SKIP IT}

Partner Track

Full disclosure: I’m only 3 episodes into this 10 episode season. A mom can only watch so much Netflix in a month, ya know? So far, so good. The series follows Ingrid (Arden Cho), a young lawyer in New York City who has been busting her butt for 7 years to make partner at her firm. She’s focused, she’s confident, she’s very intelligent, and she has to work much harder than many of her coworkers who have the connections and family names that she grew up without.

Throw in a (sort of) love triangle as two potential suitors set their sights on her at the same time, a lot of legal jargon that makes you feel smarter for having listened, and over the top swanky NYC events, and it’s a fun combo. If it goes downhill in the next 7 episodes, I’ll be sure to let you know, but for now {WATCH IT}

Me Time

Anything with Mark Wahlberg and I am IN (see Father Stu above). Add Kevin Hart to the mix, and I felt this movie had the potential to be something really good. Hart stars as an uptight stay at home dad who always chooses duty over fun. Wahlberg, his childhood friend, always choose fun and has managed to stay cool and relevant well into his 30’s.

When Hart’s family goes away for the weekend, the two polar opposites get the chance to reunite for Wahlberg’s birthday party after many years apart. I probably laughed a few times, but I think I spent more time cringing at cheap shock value moments. Sorry, Regina Hall, I love you but {SKIP IT}

Good Girls

Good Girls isn’t a new series. It first premiered in 2018 and ended after Season 4 in 2022. I watched all the way until the end of Season 2 before I decided I just couldn’t do it anymore as the storyline got a bit….rehashed. Starring Christina Hendricks (Mad Men), Retta (Parks and Rec), and Mae Whitman (The Duff, Arrested Development), the onscreen chemistry between the three female leads is excellent.

And the premise is also intriguing: all three NEED cash for various family crises, and they need it NOW. So what do these good girls do to TCB? They rob a grocery store. It’s a humorous journey as their “life of crime” expands with each episode. Their unique “mom smart” ingenuity and persistence is what made the series a hit in the first place. The storylines that got repeated over and over is why I stopped watching. {SKIP IT}

The Adam Project

You might remember this Netflix original that spent a number of weeks in the Top Ten after its release in February. The star studded cast includes Ryan Reynolds (Deadpool, and your dreams probably), and Zoe Saldana (Guardians of the Galaxy). We also get to see Mark Ruffalo and Jennifer Garner as a married couple which is what every 13 Going on 30 fan has been longing for since 2004!

The plot: time travel, grief after loss of a loved one, and how far would you go to change the past? I enjoyed the “scientific explanation” of time travel that most other time travel movies gloss over. The main character, Adam, spends the entirety of the film on an action packed escapade of self-discovery and heroism….with the younger version of himself! Was it a perfect movie? No. Should you {watch it}? YES.

Shania Twain: Not Just A Girl

Let’s go girls, amirite? This is a documentary about one of the greatest country music artists of all time. It follows Shania Twain, born Eilleen Twain in 1965 in Windsor, Canada. She lovingly recounts her unusual childhood where her mom would take her to bars to perform late at night as a very young child. At age 8, she was discovered and started performing live concerts. And that’s just the beginning.

There’s no shortage of heartbreak in Shania’s past as she became the sole caretaker of her 3 younger siblings at age 22 after both her parents died in a car accident. She goes on to accomplish unbelievable feats and change her industry forever. If you love her music, or if you love resilient women who push boundaries, {WATCH IT}.

My Next Guest Needs No Introduction

Last up this month is a series following David Letterman all over the country (and sometimes, the world) as he chats with some of the most famous people of our time. He learns about their past in a soothing, conversational manner. You feel like he’s in your living room and you’re sharing small talk at a party that at times gets a bit deeper and more personal.

I haven’t seen every episode, but I especially enjoyed the Ryan Reynolds, Kim Kardashian, and Julia Louis-Dreyfus chapters. Other guests include Lizzo, Barack Obama, Tina Fey, Dave Chapelle, and Melinda Gates, to name a few. The aspect I enjoy most about this format is the reminder that celebrities are people with real lives, oftentimes with far more beneath the surface than you might guess. {WATCH IT}


Diamond In The Rough

{This category is for something that has been on Netflix for awhile, & hasn’t ever received a ton of attention, but is absolutely worth a watch}

This month’s DITR is a gem I found called “Old Enough!”. Set in Japan, the premise is this: very young children are given tasks (such as, “get this from the grocery store” or “pick up dad’s dry cleaning a few blocks away”) and “hidden” cameras follow them on their journey. It may sound silly or boring, but it’s kind of like watching your toddler on the video monitor in their room after they wake up and they’re sweetly talking to themselves and letting their imagination run wild.

It’s just so…. WHOLESOME! It’s also a fascinating take on cultural differences. What is seen as commonplace in Japan (very young children doing chores, sometimes without adult supervision), is unthinkable in American culture. It got me to thinking, “I wonder how much we limit our kids by doing everything FOR them.”

So if you see my 6 year old driving our minivan to the grocery store, mind ya business. {still patiently waiting for sarcasm font}

Oldie But Goodie

{This category is for an old movie or TV show that is worth watching again, or for the first time if you never have}

This month’s OBG goes to the 1997 comedy Vegas Vacation. Starring Chevy Chase and Beverly D’Angelo and a teenage Audrey and Russ that look absolutely nothing like the Audrey and Russ from Christmas Vacation.

I know Christmas Vacation is widely held as the most popular of the franchise, but I think the Vegas chapter gives it a run for its money. Everything involving Uncle Eddie is pure gold (I’ll have some of that there yella, and don’t you get cheap on me, ya hear?). I still think about the Griswold’s playing Keno every single time I buy a Powerball ticket.

Really, I just need a few of you to watch this movie so that there’s at least a couple folks out there who will pick up on my obscure Vegas Vacation quotes in passing conversation. {WATCH IT!}


How did I do? Comment below if you agree/disagree with my assessment, & let me know if there’s a movie or series you want in next month’s review!

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