Alicia Tjelmeland

Alicia is a stay-at-home mom to Claire (6), Drake (5), and Kate (3), and wife of 7 years to Tyler. She also works from home as the Operations Manager for Prairie School Foundation, and Bookkeeper for T&K Development. After growing up in western Iowa, Alicia ventured east to attend the University of Iowa and graduated in 2014 with a Political Science degree, and a minor in English. When she isn’t chasing kids or answering emails, she loves finding time for scrapbooking, going on walks around the neighborhood, and watching any and every home renovation show! Alicia loves staying involved in her community, mainly through spending time in her church and volunteering with Big Brothers Big Sisters. After having three kids in a 3.5 year span, her advice to moms with young ones is: “prayer, coffee, and then a little more of each!”

CK Family Chiropractic

I'm not sure how I made it into Year 30 of life without ever having visited a chiropractic office, but I finally took the leap recently. I didn't visit alone; my husband and three...

Netflix Reviews: Watch It or Skip It

As I stayed up until midnight a few months back watching a new round of Netflix shows, I thought to myself, “I should tell my friends to skip that movie and save them two...

Netflix Reviews: Watch It Or Skip It

A few weeks ago, as I stayed up until midnight watching a new round of Netflix shows, I thought to myself, "I should tell my friends to skip that movie and save them two...

I Tried All The Hard Seltzers So You Didn’t Have To: My Top Five

  I don't know exactly when it started, but I jumped onto the hard seltzer bandwagon at some point in 2020. My husband and I were trying out a low-carb diet, and since wine wasn't...

The Top Eleven Happy Hours in Cedar Rapids

Did you read the title of this article and think, "Lady, isn't Happy Hour for wild and free 20-somethings with no kids and time to spare?" No way! (Okay, maybe.) But I'm here to say Happy...

Cedar Rapids Moms 2022 Team Sponsor: The Iowa Children’s Museum

Our family recently spent a morning at the Iowa Children's Museum and the kids can't wait to go back. My kids are ages 6, 4, and 2, and there was something for everyone. The space area...

Cedar Rapids Moms 2022 Team Sponsor: Sarah Fridono Photography

"I knew Sarah Fridono was a photographer, but I didn't know she was also a magician. I'm not sure how she got all three of my young children to smile and look at the...

I Want To Lose More Than Just The Weight

I've struggled with my weight for as long as I can remember. The scale has fluctuated up and down my entire life. Recently, I'm on one of the "down" fluctuations, as I shocked myself...

The Academic “Offseason”: Give Centers A Try

Have you ever heard the term "offseason"? It’s usually a reference to athletics: the part of the year where your sport isn’t in session. You don't HAVE to practice, but when the new season...

Everyday Ideas To Save Money

We're all sick of that "I" word by now, right? I'm talking about *inflation*. Money isn't going as far as it used to, and my monthly budget has NOTICED. I've always considered myself very frugal. My...
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