I Want To Be Present This Fall

Fall is finally here and it is my favorite time of the year. I love the crisp air, changing leaves, and of course all the pumpkins! But most of all, I love all the traditions we have started with my family. I always have a checklist of fall activities I don’t want to miss out on each year, such as making it to the apple orchard, pumpkin patch, go on a scenic walk at the Palisades, and more. These are some of my favorite memories with my family.

I want to be present this fall-2

I need to remember the importance of the time we spend together, not just as a checklist of my favorite activities and photo opportunities. I need to remember why I love this season and show it to my daughters. Remember that it is more important to make my memories with my family. This season, my goal is to be more present for all of those memories. 

I’ve sadly noticed, like most mothers, that I spend a lot of time taking photos, or at least attempting to. Sometimes, I spend more time trying to get a good picture than I’d like to admit. In the meantime, my one and three-year-old are annoyed at their mamarazzi. They are just wanting to enjoy themselves, not sit still among the beautiful tress.

Meanwhile, I am missing out. Missing out on sharing their laughter and joy. I am missing out on watching them find all the wonder in the world around them.

They don’t care if we take a perfect family picture or capture every fun moment with a picture to document it. My daughters just want to have fun and play with their mom. I have been accidentally making my daughters miss out on their time with their mom. I’ve realized my daughters would rather have fun with my full attention; when they find the biggest pumpkin, they want daddy to carry home, or when they find the perfect apple to enjoy. Although I treasure the photos I take of my family, I’ve realized I need to start weighing how much time I devote to taking their pictures and being present with my family. 

So this season, I’m going to focus on taking more candid photos, instead of trying to make my daughters sit still for a picture. Maybe I’ll even let my husband be the one to take photos for a whole day, instead of watching from behind a camera. I’ll focus on being more present than attempting to stage that perfect picture.

I Want to Be Present This Fall

I’m in that stage of life where my kids want to move, and get into everything; not sit together and smile. I want them to remember how much fun they had with their parents. That is what they will talk about at bedtime, that is what they will actually remember.

So, I’m going to accept the blurry photos and maybe even some crying photos, and focus on my family. I want to be present for all our special memories this season.

I want to cherish my family, because time definitely does not wait. 

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