2022 Holiday Gift Guide for Teens & Tweens

If you are like me, you dread the inevitable question this time of year. “What do the kids want for Christmas?” It is hard enough to think of gifts to give as parents, but it’s even harder to think of gifts that may be less spendy and in line with the budgets of family members. Do not fear; I, along with about 40 of my Facebook friends, have you covered!

gift ideas for teensHere are the gift ideas for teens and tweens in your life:

Under $15

My 12-year-old daughter recently had a birthday party, and 5 out of the ten girls she invited brought her a Tree Hut product. I had never heard of these, but if you are shopping for a tween/teen, I can about guarantee they have heard of them and will LOVE this gift!

Five Below has some great finds! The tween/teen in your life will surely find some cool decor or maybe even clothes with as little as a $15 gift card!

My daughter has this Jade Roller (I will admit, I do, too), and she loves it. I cannot tell you whether or not it actually works, but my 12-year-old swears it does!

These photo-string lights will be a hit for any boy or girl! And bonus, they can proudly display all of those pics of their friends without destroying your walls with pin holes or tape!

Sometimes we all just need to doodle, right?! Your teen might feel weird coloring in a Frozen Notebook, so make sure you grab one of these Coloring Books for Teens!

Under $25

With a 12-year-old and a 14-year-old in my house, we can never have too many Nike Everyday Plus Cushioned socks. These are a staple with Birkenstocks and will keep those feet warm in their Crocs when it’s 20 below!

You can never go wrong with a set of Starbucks reusable cups! There are so many cool styles and colors, you cannot go wrong!

With so many patterns (and the fact that they are on SALE), you cannot pass up the opportunity to grab one of these Vera Bradley lanyards. Whether it’s for their license, school ID, or maybe their house key, this will for sure be a hit!

Sports cards are still a thing! If I ever need an easy go-to idea for my son, it is almost ALWAYS a pack of sports cards. It’s like Christmas morning watching him oooh and ahh at all of the cards as he opens them one by one.

I know people tend to think that gift cards are impersonal, but if you are stumped on what to purchase for a tween/teen boy OR girl, I promise you will not disappoint them with a gift card. Obviously, you have to know a bit about their likes and dislikes, but I would recommend Dicks Sporting Goods, American Eagle, Lululemon, Scheels, or even a Visa Gift Card. Bonus – sometimes, when you purchase gift cards, the store will give you a small gift card in return (think $5). Keep it for yourself, or add it to the gift!

While we are on the topic of gift cards, if you’re shopping for a boy, there is a good chance they are a gamer. Find out if they are a Xbox or PlayStation kid and purchase a gift card so they can do whatever it is that these cards do (my son talks about purchasing cool shoes for his players…no clue). 

Under $50

If you are eyeing the Jade Roller I mentioned above, you should know a Jade Roller is no good without a mini fridge to store it in! These are amazing for those rollers, eye patches, serums, and the list goes on and on! Just take a look every once in a while to make sure your kiddos are not sneaking snacks into their room!

We love Amazon for so many reasons, including these Ugg slipper dupes! It’s very hard to tell that these are not the real deal!

If you have a daughter (or son) who is starting to dabble in skincare, you have to check out this Glossier Skincare Edit kit!

We’ve recently purchased Apple Air Tags, and I cannot tell you how much we use them! Whether it’s for travel or school, make sure your kids (and you) can see where they have left their belongings at all times!

Soon enough, our kiddos will be playing outside again. This mini projector is PERFECT for those cozy summer nights! It’s listed at $50.39, so I feel okay about listing it in the under $50 category!


First of all, everyone in my home (including my husband) usually has at least one Pura Vida bracelet on at a time. They’re so cute but minimal and also on trend. With varying plans, you can share the gift of new bracelets every month for as little as $11/month!

These Lululemon belt bags can be hard to come by. If you see them in stock, snag them, or you will regret it!

Whether your teen is a bike rider or the lay-in-the-sun-on-the-deck kind of kid, they will for sure get use out of this JBL Bluetooth Clip Speaker. We have two in our house, and they are used A LOT!

Depending on the sale, you can now find Apple AirPods for just around $100! I can promise this is a gift that will be loved and used more than you would ever imagine!

Happy shopping! Did I miss something that you think should be included? Drop it in the comments!

Need ideas for younger littles? Check out our gift guide for the babies in your life HERE.

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