We Can’t Un-do That Doodle! How to Resolve to Feel Better in 2021

I know, that you know, that I know, that you know, that rolling over to 2021 isn’t going to swipe our world experiences clean.

Events and experiences get carried with us in good and bad ways. In the words of Rainn Wilson in what is my favorite line from Juno,

“That ain’t no etch-a-sketch. That’s one doodle that can’t be un-did, home skillet.”

But, we aren’t meant to shake and dislodge our painful memories. We are supposed to learn from them, give grace to them, and heal the cracks with the superglue of authentic self-love. This takes a lot of reflection and acknowledging feelings, many of which can be uncomfortable.

Photo Created by Etch a Sketch artist bearded_boarder (TikTok/IG) and used with permission

My feed is bubbling over with hopes of a better year.

And, so many coaches and entrepreneurs talking about your word for 2021 and your goals. I don’t know about you all, but for me, those messages are riddled with resistance. I read them and I energetically knee jerk!

Having a single word that represents my goals for the year brings up the pressures of achieving and expectation. But there’s more. I’m careful with the words I focus on because words carry resistance I don’t consciously know I have. So I always tune in to my feelings when focusing on words and even creating my vision boards and affirmations.

Oh and goals! If you want to talk about a word that makes all my spidey senses go off, then it’s “goals.” Instead of growth and forward momentum when I think of goals I think of pressure, failure, and the energy of a boss or manager driving the direction instead of my alignment and purpose.

Just like in meditation, you are reminded to come back to your breath… think of your quarter, your year, your life as a meditative practice.

But instead of coming back to your breath (though that’s totally useful) come back to your feelings, and resolve to feel better this year. Here’s how:

Step One:
It can be as simple as taking a break and asking yourself “How do I feel right now?” This year has been tough. Let’s acknowledge that. As you reflect, chances are you are feeling tired, fearful, stuck, maybe even angry or psychologically paralyzed. While we don’t want to stay in these feelings, it is totally ok to have them!

Step Two:
No matter how you felt in that reflection I want you to say out loud, “All of those feelings are ok and where I am right now. I love myself anyway.” Yup, right out loud.

Step Three:
How do you want to feel? Get really clear on this. Here are some feelings that give me high vibrations:

-Light (when I’m in the flow)
-Ease (when things are working out)
-Peace (that feeling of resolution)
-Satisfaction (knowing it’s all working out)
-Happy (or that feeling when I’m laughing and having fun. Be careful with the word “happy” because it can have resistance.)

Step Four:
Tap into your emotional memory and put yourself into those times you felt these feelings. Allow those feeling to bubble up within, allow your forehead to soften, your shoulders to drop, and a smile to curve along your mouth. Try to stay in that emotional memory within your present body space for at least 15 seconds.

Step Five:
Affirm the heck outta yourself! “I am worthy of feeling (the word for your feeling) often and am already feeling (the feeling word again) more.”

Step Six:
Take another deep breath.

It’s these feeling exercises that allow abundance to find its way to you with ease and unpredictability.

Enjoy these dark and lovely days of quiet reflection as this year rolls to its finish.
Love, light, and abundance to you.

Special thanks to Tim Gallenbeck, The Bearded Border, for this 2021-worthy doodle!

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