Finding Your Why for Workouts

Finding Your Why For Workouts

Do you find yourself making a health-related resolution every year? You make a goal to workout more, and you do great in January, maybe in February, too. But then, you start to taper off. Parenting is hard, and it’s so busy. Activities are starting back up, the weather isn’t the best, and our to do lists are long enough. It’s easy to lose motivation.

How do I continue to push through? I see what good it can do for me, my why, and I make myself go.

I’m a better parent, and run a happier home when I’m active!

I’m stronger than I think

I’ve watched myself steadily increasing the volume of my workouts, to weights or reps I never thought I could do. I’ve grown in confidence, from trying a new HIIT workout to assembling a high chair myself. I can speed-clean that play room before someone comes over without wearing myself out, so I don’t need to stress about it as far in advance. Surely, if I can do a deadlift, I can wrangle my child into their car seat. It’s this can-do, try-harder drive I never had before I learned to push myself in the gym.

Parenting is a workout in itself!

Oh my goodness. I never realized how much harder it had gotten to get up off the floor until I had to do it 100 times a day. Playing on the floor, picking up squirmy toddlers, carrying carseats, squatting down to eye level… parenting can be a physically demanding job. By going to the gym, everyday activities become a little easier.

Its my Re-Set

Now, after I’ve been consistent with going, workouts have become my reset. Whether it’s 20 minutes in my living room or at the gym, it’s time where I am investing 100% into myself. It’s motivated me to find other ways to do things just for me, even if that’s mascara and lip balm before running out the door. I’m reminded that self care is so important.

It Energizes Me

I find myself doing one more load of laundry, or wiping down the counters one last time before I finally plop down on the couch (well, most of the time, anyway). By increasing my physical activity, I’ve found my body actually feels better when I get up and move frequently… even if it is just during a commercial break.

I Feel like a better role model

By taking care of myself, I can show my children how to take care of themselves. I have a healthier relationship with food, improved body image, and I’m learning about myself every day. These are the things I want my children to learn and remember. I’m able to chase and laugh with my daughter a little longer while playing tag, helping to also foster her love for running.

Thank you, Endorphins

Plus, the endorphins make the day a lot easier to handle. It’s like my third (fourth?) cup of coffee for the day. I’m able to approach things in a much more positive light.


Workouts keep my body healthier, stronger, and motivates me to eat right for myself. That just means I’m hopefully going to be around a lot longer to enjoy my children. Ah yes, the usual reason people give for getting healthy has finally become a priority to me.

So why do I say all of this? Starting and keeping a healthier regimen can be hard. Start simple. Find a friend. Do squats while watching TV, or run outside with your kids a little bit longer.

Find your first real reason, and you’ll continue to find reasons to grow.

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