Can Your Skin Survive the Last Dark Days of Winter?

It’s getting close, guys. We are in the final winter push of keeping our skin intact until spring relieves us.

My kids and I go from Thieves spray, to hand washing, to skin balm and then repeat. Water and lotion begin to feel more like an irritant than helpful! I’m reminded of the role our food plays in the health of our largest organ, our skin!

There is only so much a topical approach can do for your skin. This is where creating a healthy whole-body biome comes into play. Try to create a healthy balance of the scales by consuming foods that nourish while simultaneously avoiding foods that increase inflammation. This allows your immune system to fight off all those nasty winter bugs.

But there’s more! By doing this, you actually allow your skin to better repair itself, age better, tolerate the sun, and even help clear up issues like eczema.

Can Your Skin Survive the Last Dark Days of Winter?Here are my top food tips for better skin:

Grass-Fed Matters

Eating more grass-fed butter and cheese actually provides you up to 4 times the amount of Omega-3’s than grain-fed! Making the switch can also help with sun protection. There are so many benefits of Omega 3s.  Catch this link for more on that.

Maniacal Sugar

Did you know refined sugar actually ages your skin faster? Not to mention the effects on your gut health that then, in turn, affects your entire body biome. What to use instead? Raw honey can actually heal the skin when applied topically and can reduce allergies when consumed. Maple syrup and blackstrap molasses are also less likely to dramatically increase blood sugar and have lots of healthy minerals! Make the switch!

Gelatin is Magic

Gelatin powder and the gelatin in bone broth seal your gut from previous damage. But it also contains collagen–the ingredient everyone is painfully aware of when they begin to age! We start to slow collagen production around age 25! And then, even further as we reach menopause! I put gelatin powder in my coffee every morning and also warm it with elderberry syrup to make gummies for my kids.

Milk and Wheat Attack

Nearly everyone one of my clients with skin issues finds it clears up when they stop consuming pasteurized milk. (Raw milk is actually a superfood if you can find it and legally consume it) The other culprit? GMO wheat that has not been sprouted. When you sprout your wheat you actually reduce the phytic acid. Why should you care? Phytic Acid makes digestion difficult and blocks the body’s ability to absorb healthy minerals. You also and increase digestive enzymes when you soak and sprout your grains (and nuts, too)

Coconut Craze

Healthy fats have gotten quite a bad wrap over the years. But new research confirms it’s really refined sugar and processed foods creating so much disease. Healthy fats, like unrefined coconut oil, can be consumed and applied to the epidermis. They nourish and protect the skin from the inside out. And healthy fats support your mental health, too! I call that a win-win!

What’s your favorite tip to take care of your skin naturally?

Disclaimer: When using content created by Leah Recor it is not a substitute for medical care.

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