Traveling With Tots

Summertime means vacations and traveling, which can come with a lot of stress and not as much relaxing time as parents need. After traveling with toddlers a few times, I thought it would be great to share some tips and tricks that I have found super helpful! Vacationing for parents is sometimes more difficult than being at home due to kiddos being thrown off their schedules and being in new environments. So why not share some ways to help make your travels easier!


I found some quiet and non-messy toys and activities to keep my son busy while in the car and airplane.

traveling with toddlers


Some of these are some of my son’s favorite snacks, which made it easier to pack! I tried to find snacks that were not messy and easy to clean up from him. I found it easier to pack them into the small snack-sized baggies. Then it is a perfect portion for him and if they spill, it isn’t too much to clean up!


On the plane, bring the car seat if possible. It was a lifesaver! We have found that it makes it easier for the kiddo to travel, stay more comfortable sitting for long periods, and easier taking a nap. A car seat bag was the perfect purchase to help us carry it through the airport. An umbrella stroller is a necessity for travel as well. Being able to fold and unfold it so easily and how small it folds up to was a plus as well. You can use it through the airport and check it at the gate for free.


If your kiddo is still in diapers, nighttime diapers are a great investment for traveling! They are more absorbent and will last longer than a regular diaper. Pull-Ups are also great to use too for easy on and off while in areas that may not have a bathroom accessible or a changing area.


While going anywhere with palm trees and warm weather is amazing, sometimes it isn’t as much fun for the little ones. On the airplane or while out and about, a portable fan will come in handy to help cool them down. Most are rechargeable and make it easy to travel without the worry of packing batteries. They also will hook on to car seats, strollers, etc. to make the job easier for parents.

As summertime is still in full swing and travel plans are still being made, I am hopeful that these helpful tips and tricks I had will come in handy for you as well! Little kiddos require quite a lot and traveling is stressful just the way it is. Have safe travels and enjoy the summer!

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