Sweet Fun for the Whole Family: Bake a Rainbow Cake!

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We are so excited for the release of Amirah Kassem’s latest books! Known for her amazing rainbow explosion cakes, this Flour Shop founder and renown baker is bringing her love for sprinkles to younger audiences!

Bake a Rainbow Cake

My kids love her amazing cake book, The Power of Sprinkles. Her creative and unique cakes are so fun and we love how she makes her recipes accessible to everyone. Plus, her message that any mistake can be covered up with sprinkles (and everyone will love it anyway!) is a great encouragement to us novice bakers! 🙂

The Magical Land of Birthdays

Her latest books bring the joy and fun of The Power of Sprinkles in a format fit for younger audiences.  In The Magical Land of Birthdays, the first in a new middle-grade series, 10-year-old—wait, make that almost 11-year-old—Amirah is transported to the Magical Land of Birthdays after receiving a magical cookbook and baking her special birthday cake. In the Magical Land of Birthdays, a place filled with wonder and whimsy (and plenty of cake!), you can celebrate your birthday every moment of every day. As they explore the land, Amirah and her new friends learn about each other and the special bond they share, and discover exciting and wonderful birthday traditions from around the world.

The Magical Land of Birthdays

Bake a Rainbow Cake

With wheels to spin, flaps to open, and tabs to pull, Bake a Rainbow Cake puts all the fun of baking into an interactive experience for toddlers. Little bakers can create Flour Shop’s incredible rainbow explosion cake that, when cut, spills out a stream of sparkly sprinkles. Turn a wheel to mix the batter, lift a flap to open the oven, and pull a tab to frost the cake and then release the glittery contents!

Bake a Rainbow Cake

My kids are huge fans! Everyone wanted to try out the Bake a Rainbow Cake book and my girls had to flip a coin to decide who would read The Magical Land of Birthdays first.

Order Now!

You can bake up some sweet fun for the whole family by picking up copies of Bake a Rainbow Cake, The Magical Land of Birthdays, and The Power of Sprinkles here. Enjoy!!


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